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  • Former bodybuilder, 23, addicted to steroids for THREE YEARS begs others to kick the habit

  • topjuice   •   Tue, Apr 9th, '19 05:54   •   10 replies, 342 views

because 'lifting the heaviest weights in the gym is not worth the mental lows' he endured.... really ??????

Just shows not for you boyo! If can't deal with mentally side choose different sport!!..

my personal experience with juice nearly 20 years suffer from body dysmorphia that's from juice! Just gotta live with mental side!


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  • Getbig024
  • 4 weeks ago

Tren mental side effects aren’t a joke and could change the rest of your life and that is a fact. It’s not about the battle in the gym for a couple of hours but how to deal with the anxiety and mental issues in your everyday life. Tren and steroids aren’t a joke and should be be taking lightly. Most of us walk into the gym with some type of issue as is. Just try to be nice to everyone.

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The worst steroid I've run so far for mental sides is anadrol - Instant heavy depressive feeling and then the resulting anxiety of wondering why the hell I'm feeling like that and counting down the hours till it wears off. I've honestly never experienced anxiety from tren, only times I'm ever agitated on it are when I'm hungry. In fact thats probably why most people feel rough on it as they use it whilst dieting and depleting carbs rather than trying to bulk and gain muscle.

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  • Solidly
  • 1 month ago

Bad built ass MFer. Lmao.....these fuckin guys nowadays!!! This chump just wants attention and a pat on the back from dad.

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  • GrowMore
  • 1 month ago

God bless our daily mail

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  • enhancedlife
  • 1 month ago

What a cuck

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  • ProjectMayhem_
  • 1 month ago

HAHAAHAHAHA you don't even have your brain fully developed at 17 still shooting dog water kid don't know nothing

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  • press1
  • 1 month ago

When you lift the Heaviest weights in the gym you don't get mental lows as you feel high from the lifts - I call BS. Another one now bashing gear as he can't deal with the sides anymore.....

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  • jayisk
  • 1 month ago

that dude lifts weights??? and took gear?? Lmao

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  • Bearded_muscle
  • 1 month ago

Lol weak ass motherfucker.
No way that guy was lifting the heaviest weights in the gym.