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+ 5 Expresspct roid bust


Big bust covered many cities like Troy

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The things that caused this to happen are disgraceful.

Other times I swear what leads to things being uncovered are pure and simple laziness and carelessness.

I ordered from a top three source 10 days ago. Testing a new src I hadn’t used before. Ordered hgh (domestic). The way it showed up 9 days later completely freaked me out. Reviews boasted how “safe tight and secure” packaging would be, but I wish I could post a pic and show what I saw. No bubble wrap, no Saran Wrap, nothing but the little box most generic gh comes in, simply tossed in a bag (not even a padded envelope) and sent out that way. Box was damaged as hell, most vials weren’t even in pucks like usual, but all over the vials, straight shit. Thought my worst nightmare had came true. So disapointed.

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A major source on eroids just disappeared and no one mentioned a word? Whats going on? I' m not sure if we're allowed to name drop but this was a top 5 domestic source.. and it just went POOF.. into smoke.

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RemmyC's picture is downed lmao

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what a shit, in the netherlands a big ring was broken up by customs in March.
i read on the net.

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How much trouble can you even get in for pct and sarms and ratting for business reasons is super dirty how about some internet sluth finds a address and we all send poop real poop your pets poop your poop poop you found in the street so they hopefully learn something

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Elegant solution, I'm in

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got some bad stuff from him a few times, oh well.

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The other pct was the one that turned in their domains. Expresspct and dues medical both had their domains ratted on by the other website I forget the name it another source with pct in their name. Deus medical has the proof posted on Reddit forums(sarmssourcetalk) or (sarmsourcetalk) I forget which one. I used to always be on the reddit forums.

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Lot of sources around here can't even keep the shelves stocked. Demand seems bigger than supply. Seems strange sources turning on each other when there seems to be plenty of customers to go around.

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It's out of pettiness more than anything

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Yeah it sure seems that way alot of shit is out of stock and people looking. But this story was more of a reddit rivalry. This was more to do with the sarm world on Reddit, a few websites kind of advertise and do business on there and expresspct was the #1 place for pct supplies and other stuff and one of the lower sources ratted on their domains(express pct and dues medical) but dues medical didn't get busted because they weren't as big and weren't really a USA based supplier. Pretty grimy shit

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Yeah, I posted the article from the feds website on their si page. Some crazy shit multi million dollar operation and they had nationals overseas involved. I can't find the original article but here's another one.

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Old news, but still very sad to see. Express was a great source. Used many times. Unbelievably cheap prices and products were always good. Customer service on point too. Sad to see them gone.

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