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+ 1 DEA's new Telehealth rules are bad for everyone


There's various other articles about this. Basically they will only allow you to go to a DEA approved/licensed doctor. You'll have to be required to see a doctor in person to receive medication. If you want to use a telemed clinic, you'll have to get a referral from a DEA approved doctor.. You'll only get a 30 day supply of testosterone and any other medication at a time. Doctors will be required to keep more detailed records. There's a petition that can be signed. Not sure of their reasoning but they're trying to limit us even further.

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We are looking more and more like baby China… They want sheep to control not men who will fight for theirs. This is why they want our guns!!!!

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Turn everyone into weak lil beeches. Vegan soi bois

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That's basically my thinking of it. They don't want men to be actual MEN. Fuck that, I like my women without dicks.

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They can't back down on steroids now they've been on a misinformation campaign for 30 almost 40 years trying to turn the general public against these drugs. And doing the opposite for the last 20 or so years for illicit drugs. Trying to make us feel sorry for addicts because addiction is a disease and such. While I agree addiction is a result of brain chemistry no one put a gun to someone's head and said smoke this Crack they made the choice knowing its an addictive drug. Some states such as Oregon decriminalizing all the drugs except steroids. Now you ask why are they so against steroids. Govt is all about control of the people. People on drugs are much more compliant and easier to control. People on steroids won't be so easy and I know at least for me I can tell a difference in how much better my memory and brain function is on cycle vs off.

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It's the same BS that "reefer madness" caused. Disinformation and propaganda. I could care less what other people choose to do with their lives. As long as they aren't bringing harm to others. You want to snort a fat line off a hookers asshole, by all means go for it. I want do a gram of AAS in a week. Fuck off mind your business lololol

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I'm curious what problem this is solving. There's a fucking opioid epidemic in my backyard - it's actually quite sad. Where I live, I see so much homelessness and drug addiction. I think the government should be addressing those issues first. Preventing easy access to legitimate doctors solves no problems, only causes them. It's infuriating to me because as others have mentioned, you don't really get addicted to T. In my experience, it's helped me shed a lot of fat and get into better shape.

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There is no problem what so ever. It's just "reefer madness" against AAS. You don't see jacked homeless addicted to Testosterone lolol. They'd rather poison us than actually fix the main issue.

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Mark and Chris Bell have a good breakdown of it.

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The problem is that for most people they do online trt programs and they are not located in the same state as where the person lives. So that person would have to fly or drive to whatever state that the online trt clinic is located in, in order to get his 30 say supply. And then next month they would have to go see the doctor again out of state. It's extremely unfortunate that they are classifying testosterone in the same class with drugs because you do not get high and there risk of overdose when taking testosterone. And by doing this it's only going to force everybody to go to ugl testosterone. And also it's stupid if you live in NJ, NY and Rhode island(I think) you cannot do online bloodwork so there's no way for you to monitor your bloods unless you get it done thru your doctor, and alot of doctors are pussies like my last doctor, he refused to continue seeing if unless I stopped taking testosterone and I told him I'm trying to do this safe and get monitored to keep my health in check. I guess that's what I get for being honest with my doctor.

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ya honesty is NOT the best policy when it comes to government, health care, taxes and shit like that.

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My understanding of this new regulation is that you can get a telephone consultation, and maybe even a 30 day supply of meds, but must see a doctor in person within 30 days to continue prescription. So that precludes most people from telehealth services because or PCP and the telehealth industry aren’t connected in any way.

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But where I live, pretty large metro area. It can take a couple months to even get an evaluation done. The largest issue I see is you can only get 30 days at a time. What happens if you don't meet the 30 day deadline? Are you cut off? What if your pharmacy is out of your prescription. Ya know I can see issues. Aldo about DEA approved doctors? Like what are their requirements to be approved? Also a lot of doctors are dumb in this area. I know a guy who is pretty underdosed for his current prescription.

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So my girl has a telehealth doctor and they sent her a message about this. It said she has to see a doctor in person ONE time and get a referral and then she could continue her telehealth stuff as normal. that's at least how I interpreted the message.

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It's more about government control and oversight. More government control isn't good. Who knows how many doctors will be under pressure from the DEA to be more strict on requirements to receive medication.

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"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help." - Ronald Reagan

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Oh FOR SURE its awful, basically any increase in restrictions is bad news for the common man, but i was just saying i think things are allowed to continue as normal with tele health after a one-time visit. i don't think you have to stay going in person

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I was going to post about this yesterday. I’m glad you put it up here. I’m not a huge fan of TRT mills, but I do not like regulation & I agree, this isn’t good for any of us.