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The smoker's paradox during the COVID-19 pandemic? The influence of smoking and vaping on the incidence and course of SARS-CoV-2 virus infection as well as possibility of using nicotine in the treatment of COVID-19 - Review of the literature - PubMed

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I read this a while back, and apparently nicotine helps fight the virus. Also those with O positive blood (negative, too, I think) have higher resistance to contracting it. And vitamin D, 5000-1000 u daily!p

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Very interesting read, my grandfather smoked for 50years then just quit cold turkey one day and that was it. When i was younger i remember asking him why he smoked and he replied " Smoking keeps the germs out"

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U got a potato brain?

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I could be completely wrong, but weren't they saying for quite some time that vaping and smoking were making it worse and you were more likely to die? I thought I read that a few months back.

I do know I had a friend just die from covid 2 weeks ago. He never smoked his whole life but took up vaping for some reason about a year ago, i know he had problems breathing and with his lungs. Ultimately, that's what killed him at the end. He couldn't breathe on his own or get enough Oxygen and they ended up pulling the plug .

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Fyi, im a light smoker( 2 a day). Yeah i know i suck. I'm really a heavy tobacco chewer though. Basically I'm hooked on nicotine!

No Covid to date, no vaccine, been exposed numerous times by coworkers and friends. Crazy shit, if there is any truth in this!

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Bro maybe look into those nicotine packs.. it only has nicotine and none of that BS that are in cigarettes. I love me some Copenhagen, but that shit is just as bad as cigarettes.. we all have our vices Smile

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Here is something to make you feel better: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3001541/

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Old post... but dayuuuuum.

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Good read i struggle my self with nicotine. I have been able to kick the hard stuff for 4 years now but I still haven't dropped that morning cigarette

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I disagree. A good dip and a cup of hot coffee is amazing!!!!

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Ive been an professional engineer for 25 years. Im very aware how any data can be spun to fit a narrative, lol. Fyi, i am a cardio endurance junkie too!

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I was a heavy dipper since high school, after college I noticed my gums were bleeding every single time I brushed them, fast forward to now I lost a good percentage of gum tissue on my bottom. my Dentist said skin graphs are in my future soon or total loss of bottom teeth. I tried to get implants and they said no bueno until the graphing. if you still want to dip, try those tobacco-less pouches they have. Pretty strong stuff and it should at least help you not lose your teeth or gums.

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That was my poison, the long cut wintergreen. That shit tears you up

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Its a bad bad habit. Ive tried those pouches you speak of. They're just ok, lol

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Nicotine take the receptors spots for the transport of the covid virus to move from cell to cell. Basically, the same way on how ivermectin works, supposedly. Very basic concept, it takes the bus seat from the virus early on before the virus replicates out of control.

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