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  • Coronavirus in Dog Confirmed

  • rony20   •   Wed, Jun 24th, '20 16:25   •   3 replies, 468 views

Authorities in Hong Kong just confirmed the first case of a pet infected with the new coronavirus. It is a Pomeranian dog and it has a low-level of infection after its owner was also infected.

The dog was not showing any symptoms, yet medical experts tested it and confirmed the virus. But there is a difference between being infected and being infectious. While a low-level of the virus has been found on the dog, it doesn’t have any of the symptoms. So pets probably do not spread the virus, but this is yet to be confirmed. https://firstaidkitsurvival.com/


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  • AlphaStrength50
  • 3 months ago

considering the original study was based off of phenotypic mixing, this didnt surprise me. quite sad man.

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  • WelshNmad
  • 3 months ago

Another expert from the mainland has confirmed that it didn't taste right at all

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  • bundlz
  • 3 months ago

You a little bit late bud in the begin of the virus they found it on 2 cats in china the peeps overthere throwed all the cats thru their windows to dead