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Cedric McMillan passed away at 44


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Wow man super cool guy
Lately pros been dropping like flies.its very sad
Too much drugs imho.

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There has just been another Pro Paul Poloczek as well that has died just after competing:

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Gone way too soon. RIP.

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Damn that is awful, RIP to him and prayers out for his family.

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I saw a frightening video that Cedric shot of himself laying in Hospital during his final days, he literally could barely talk due to being so out of breath and he couldn't keep any food down at all, not even a single meal without throwing it back up. But he was scared of having to pull out of a show last minute and losing sponsorship deals. RIP

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Saw that, pretty sad. Some depend so much on the image, they can't let it go..

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Yes,, this is sad news indeed. I've kinda been out of the game so to speak a few months now,, not even paying attention to news etc. So to hear about more than a few deaths in the BB community is very sad news becoming all too common. I mean even Bostin loyd, who I can't say I was a huge fan of was a surprise even with his dangerous protocols and kidney failure. But what I'm skeptical of is that the spine in deaths have something to do with PED usage and the covid vaccine. I mean.....cmon people. Anyways thanks and all stay healthy.

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