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  • Anderson Silva Wants UFC to Legalize Testosterone Replacement Therapy

  • RoidVisor.com   •   Wed, Jan 16th, '19 15:49   •   6 replies, 514 views


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  • Goose24
  • 1 year ago

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Why hasn't this dude not been banned yet? He's obviously advertising for roidvisor. A link in his profile and constant spamming of the news section.

I know I've been away for a little while but did I miss something? This dude is literally advertising his site on this site lol.

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Running this site cost money. Admin has to pay the bills.

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I assume the Mods know this. He has a banner of his site here on eroids, too. So obviously an admin has integrated his banner here...

But yes, he sucks with his spam!!!

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Yea I figured as much... literally everything he posts is from his site.

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It is completely obvious he is connected with a TOP source here so I doubt he’s going anywhere. Especially paying for banners as well....