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  • American Media, LLC Announces Sale of Mr. Olympia and Muscle & Fitness

  • Samsonthestronger   •   Fri, Feb 14th, '20 20:19   •   2 replies, 294 views

In a landmark deal, American Media, LLC today announced it has reached an agreement on the sale of the iconic Joe Weider's Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend as well as the Muscle & Fitness, FLEX and M&F Hers media brands. The sale of the event and media assets marks the latest acquisition for Jake Wood, an Arizona-based fitness industry insider.


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  • skydancer4
  • 7 months ago

Cool, Mr Olympia was becoming a shitshow, shitty lighting and the worst streaming quality ever.
Hope they will improve this and put better prices, that+the return of Flex Lewis will make this MrO a nice one.

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Agreed! 100%