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  • 700,000 doses of unlawful medication seized

  • Logansrun73   •   Thu, Jun 16th, '11 06:50   •   5 replies, 893 views

700,000 doses of steroids and unlawful medicines seized

Police have busted what is thought to be the largest international medicine trafficking ring, seizing 700,000 doses of anabolic steroids, growth hormones and other unlawful medicines, and arresting 26 people, inlcuding the manager of a cycling club.

Amongst the drugs kidnapped in the 19 separate property searches carried out today were hundreds of thousands of well-known brands of tablets for erectile dysfunction, greater than 10,000 ampoules of growth hormones, anabolic steroids and other doping substances, with a street value of some 3.5 million euros.

The trafficking ring, with outlets in Alicante, Málaga and Madrid, used suppliers in China, India and Turkey, with intermediaries and storage facilities in the UK, Germany and Hungary so as not to arouse suspicion.

The police operation also found out a laboratory in a lock-up in Elche (Aicante), where a growth hormone bought in bulk from China was manufactured and packaged to be sold on the internet.

One of those arrested is the manager of a cycling club in the Comunidad de Madrid, who was caught allegedly taking delivery of a substantial quantity of EPO, a glycoprotein hormone that controls erythropoiesis, or red blood cell production.

The operation began back in July last year when police picked up on a company in the Comunidad Valenciana that was importing and selling huge consignments of unlawful medicines and transferring large sums of money to Chinese banks.


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  • BIGGER88
  • 8 years ago

With a few more actions like this one, EU countries may turn sales of steroids to business profitable for real Mafias with all the consequences...

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  • granitehate
  • 8 years ago

what a waste of time and tax payer money leave us alone and go after the crackheads and baby killers come on know with all the other things going on in the world they take the time effort and money for this?

  • anon
  • Anonymous
  • 8 years ago

I don't know why these people who run these these don't live in countries where steroids and these products are legal, they chose Spain when they could have chose to live in Turkey, Egypt, India, Egypt, Mexico etc, if you have the money great climate and excellent standard of living at a cheap cost

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Exactly!! It's mind boggling how some people see this as a get rich quick sceme and dint do the extensive research it truly takes to run a reputable and user friendly company that ha every angle and corner covered. I have to give a lot of props for sources such ad yours that have stuck around and are down right methodical with every move starting with initial contact with suppliers and staff and ending with contact and delivery to clients.

As for the "war on steroid users," that seems to be going on it is a shame. What a waste of time. Im a counselor and a tax payer who doesn't drink or use drugs yet I would be sent straight to jail for safely using performance enhancers!?

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  • BFG
  • 8 years ago

thats shitty news, i hope prices don't go up :)