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Wanna make your higher power laugh, tell him ur plans.
My mother use to say that to me.
What happens is supposed to happen.
The few choices I can make throughout the day need to the most positive, healthy choices I can that is in alignment with my vision.
I'm grateful that I'm no longer seeking external solutions for an internal malady. Im blessed today. To everyone out there, let me say this, do u want it as bad as u want the air in ur lungs?
Hows your self talk?
I use to complain all day at work waiting to get out, waiting for Friday. I never lived in the moment, my depression was from bad choices, my anxiety was worrying about future issues that may not even happen nor will I even make it to that day. They call it the present cuz today is a gift.
Daily reflecting, aligning myself and my entire life with my vision & taking achieving the necessary tasks that will get me there.
Today I'm content in my own skin, I don't need the newest Air max, haircut& a dozen women to make me feel good today. Don't get me wrong im far from perfect but its a constant work in progress. Life's hard. No shit!!
Easy never thought me anything. Much respect to all my soldiers who got another day under there belt.

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Keep your head up bro much like Yukon said get plugged in get active find that meeting you feel at home. Find that core group of guys that will not only lift you up but keep you accountable.. check in at meetings use that phone list start using some of those tools you learn in meetings . Thanks for sharing.. stick around and you'll start to find out things get easier for us when. We start to replace our negative thinking with positive principles

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Thank you for that. I shared they call it a present because it’s a gift at a meeting I spoke at. I recently relapsed and only have 45 days now. Each day is a blessing. I grateful for everything positive I have in my life. This post made my day. Being uncomfortable is when we grow and I’m still realizing that.

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Yesss! Dont beat urself up over the relapse bro. It happens. Get a homegroup, sponsor, get active in the big book, practice prayer. Read the promises in the big book daily.
Get a service position at ur homegroup, you'll be part of, pass out the coffee, collect the $1, fold the chairs up etc..
Reach out and ask for help bro. Shit ain't easy, but east ain't never teach me shit!! Operate from abundance not from feelings& emotions cuz those are temporary homie.