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The Gyno Experiment

A controlled experiment using Masteron and Proviron as a basis to mitigate gyno flares, estro conversion and bloat.
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Thanks for letting me be a part of the experiment
Gargoyle Aug, 2013
Ok guys, so how is this going to work? Are we all using the...
Gargoyle, 9 years 7 months ago 0
Some thought--Yes i know most of you already know all this. But here you go anyway.
Vewi Aug, 2013
So since Viking had me up all night the last few nights. h...
Vewi, 9 years 7 months ago 2
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  • Thanks for letting me in this.
    Vewi Aug, 2013
    Thanks for letting me in on this. Im already writing somethi...
    Vewi, 9 years 7 months ago 0
    Cycle Charts For Critiquing
    cry_havoc Jun, 2013
    Hey fellas I was planning on posting the cycle break downs o...
    cry_havoc, 9 years 8 months ago 4
    Preliminary run update
    Catalyst Jun, 2013
    As mentioned in the lengthy pm that was kicking around, I'm...
    cry_havoc, 9 years 8 months ago 7
    Variables and perimeters I think we should track and discuss
    cry_havoc Jun, 2013
    Just a few thoughts on what to track in this experiment and...
    Darktide, 9 years 9 months ago 8
    Lets all list our plan here then we can compare,alter, or fi...
    sic26, 8 years 7 months ago 72
    checking in
    Anonymous Jun, 2013
    All right guys i am squared away and ready to.roll with this...
    cry_havoc, 9 years 9 months ago 6
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