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So you think your at 15% Body Fat. A Visual guide to Body Fat

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Perfect! ty helps a lot....was sent here by Rusty Hooker....looking at all posts

I went off cycle about 3 months ago, been trying 100mg (down from 500-800 test e a week) for a long time. Been taking Proviron like candy during and off cycle and got my estradiol done (3 days ago by lab) to <5!

I feel like shit and will never do this again. Just ordered (have nothing) some Proviron, Test C, Test P and will do as Rusty Hooker suggests:

Start Proviron about week 4 and taper off at end of blast....none during pct or cruise (prob will be cruise as at 64 Im not real concerned about my natural test coming back....or am I not thinking right? lol......could be....BIG mental fog. lololol