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Welcome to the eroids arena where two men enter(or women) and one man leaves.
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I'd like to be able to compete in this once I get my cycle going
MrBuff Jan, 2014
Is there a way for a complete newbie to dominate this arena?...
MrBuff, 9 years 2 months ago 0
Grrrl vs ???
kodiakGRRL Dec, 2013
I guess Baha has taken a pass ..lol.. any takers? pick one...
levelup, 9 years 2 months ago 6
Levelup VS FoolMeOnce
levelup Nov, 2013
you didn't think I was going to forget did you? start dat...
levelup, 9 years 4 months ago 0
FoolMeOnce Vs. GorillaFit
FoolMeOnce Sep, 2013
This is a challenge to see who can gain the most lean body m...
Gorillafit, 9 years 6 months ago 69
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  • Humpnpump vs Strongman
    humpnpump Sep, 2013
    Lean bulk, goal is to put on good quality lean mass without...
    humpnpump, 9 years 3 weeks ago 59
    Anyone want to go toe to toe in a lean bulker
    humpnpump Sep, 2013
    Getting ready to run a lean bulk, figured what the heck may...
    gatorbits, 9 years 6 months ago 7
    Hello whats Your best Cycle
    juicebro2014 Sep, 2013
    What did you take dosage and for how long and what did you u...
    strongman480, 9 years 6 months ago 3
    GRIMEY -vs- Shirlsguy
    GRIMEY Jul, 2013
    This is a bulker. Goal is to put on SERIOUS mass and still f...
    shirlsguy, 9 years 5 months ago 94
    thunderbeast Jul, 2013
    Is anyone looking for some competition, i'm starting my cycl...
    thunderbeast, 9 years 8 months ago 0
    Listen up mother fuckers
    levelup Jun, 2013
    GRIMEY, 9 years 8 months ago 4
    Looking for competition
    Captain DickMcLongCock May, 2013
    Who wants to take me? Im 205 bf: 14%, Just came off a 8 mo...
    shirlsguy, 9 years 9 months ago 23
    Drywallstar VS Rpom
    Drywallstar Apr, 2013
    Incentive: $200 gift certificate donated by ARES of BODY OF...
    Cheatnnature, 9 years 7 months ago 75
    Competition postponed until later date.
    cmo25cent Apr, 2013
    Hey brothers I'm in pct right now but plan on starting my ne...
    levelup, 9 years 9 months ago 36
    Levelup VS LAicey
    levelup Mar, 2013
    Comp goal: cutter Length: 16 weeks Start date: April 5,...
    Cheatnnature, 9 years 8 months ago 65
    MASSIVE VS Bosuj
    MASSIVE48 Mar, 2013
    *ALL NATTY CHALLENGE* Comp Goal: CUTTER Length: 12 weeks...
    bosuj, 9 years 7 months ago 108
    All natty anyone?
    LadyLuck Mar, 2013
    I joined eroids thinking I could gain some secret quick-fix...
    Anonymous, 9 years 10 months ago 40
    First arena!!!! Warmachine VS Strongman480
    levelup Mar, 2013
    I'd like to welcome everyone to the eroids arena! Lets give...
    strongman480, 8 years 12 months ago 134
    levelup Mar, 2013
    Ollie and I have a competition that is currently going on th...
    levelup, 10 years 1 week ago 0
    Cheatnnature Mar, 2013
    Guidelines: Any set of people may enter into a competiton...
    shirlsguy, 9 years 8 months ago 14
    levelup Mar, 2013
    We will need unbiased judges for these competitions...if you...
    Gargoyle, 9 years 10 months ago 16
    levelup Mar, 2013
    Here is a place where we will hold one on one competitions b...
    levelup, 10 years 1 week ago 7
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