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+ 4 First winter for Ollie

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Olya and I are already having holidays. Winter and holidays. And festive clothes))) The little girl is warmly dressed and gallops in the snow)). It is sometimes very funny when she rolls over in the snow) happy dog)

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what a beauty!

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Thank you very much, she is still a kind and very tactile girl.

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Thanks for sharing~!

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thanks for interesting. I will post more of our pet and my other animals) I hope it will be interesting

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Yes shes very beautiful congrats also pictures are nice quality , I can see you making some calendars

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Yes, she is a beauty) and it is a sin not to photograph her. Yes, iPhone photos are very high quality, thank you

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Hahaha Those are Great pictures mate! Smile

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Thanks a lot, buddy. I am glad to share my joy with you who are interested. And thanks for the positive feedback.