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chicken and vegetables my way

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I have to eat low carb and I work a lot so naturally its hard to stay disciplined. I eat this meal daily during my work week for dinner or lunch. Boring but tasty and useful.

I grill about 3lbs of chicken cutlets that are either marinaded in the lowest sodium marinade I can find OR powdered up in a salt free spice rub.

Zucchini , red onion, grape tomatoes and grilled asparagus

Chop the red onion and asparagus . Wash the grape tomatoes and chunk the zucchini.

Heat 2 TBS of eevo and add the tomatoes , roll em around a little bit until they start to pop. Add all the remaining Veggies and saute till they brown up. I cut up 8-10 ozs of chicken for each meal . Once the browning starts I add some salt free seasoning , chicken and toss it all together.


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Sounds ok.

I may cook the veggies tonight.

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It is . Very quick and simple plus you'll get a sufficient amount of protein