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+ 1 estrogen in canned tomatos


Apparently the resin linings of tin cans contain Bisphenol-A (BPA) which is a synthetic estrogen. The acidity of tomatoes causes BPA to leach into your food.

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I'll just sprinkle a little nolva on me fry-up.

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Thats why kids are such pussies these days lol

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Oh god please no..what will I do w my free time?

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Lots of things that we put into our bodies are estrogenic. Bottled water, for one. It comes from the plastic.

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I would also add non-organic meats and dairy should be avoided. Animals are pumped full of hormones now days. I would give you a thumbs up if I could. Canned tomatoes and bottled water should be avoided or anything that contains BPA. If you must drink bottled water, look for BPA free bottles. Cruciferous vegetables help lower estrogen levels.