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Bitiron 50 Mcg


Bitiron 50 Mcg. Ive been taking 4 pills a day for the last 5 weeks. However, my is TSH 0.186. which is lower than the normal range. At that dosing shouldn't I be higher than the range?

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TSH is a reverse indicator,

the higher your TSH is the lower your T4/T3 levels are,

the lower your TSH is the higher your T4/T3 levels are.

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Bitiron 50mcg appears to be 50mcg of T4 and 12.5 mcg of T3.
So 4 tablets a day puts you at 200mcg of T4 and 50mcg of T3 a day, that is a total shit load that even someone without a thyroid would find excessive. Please stop now before you fry yourself.

Your TSH is 18.6x higher than mine, but my T4 level is nonexistent and I'm under the care of a endo, (probably a pituitary problem from a head-on crash on a highway.)

1 pill for you is probably excessive,........4 is outright reckless.
On a side note, 2 sources here sent me some T3 from a different lab, it was T3, it was also over dosed by a factor of almost 2. When dealing in drugs that are measured in micrograms (that is 1 millionth of a gram) best stick with real pharmacies, not internet drug dealers.

ETA: Just because some internet drug dealer will sell you fentanyl, doesn't mean you should take it.

FR accepted.

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