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+ 1 Test E Tren A cycle advice...


Does 300mg Test E a week and 100 mg of Tren A a week for 12 weeks seem like a solid cycle for a beginner? I've been doing research but can't seem to come across any forums that talk about those combined in a 12 week cycle in that dosage. How many times a week will I have to pin Tren A to keep it at 100mg a week since I know the half life is only 3 days. I'll have an AI on hand just in case and also nolvadex and clomid. I know this might sound very ignorant but knowledge is power and I'm looking to learn, thanks in advance.

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Just test for your first time bud, tren at first run is like having sex first time with Abella.. Lol it will make others that come not count lmao!!

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No point in Tren unless you’ve ran multiple cycles, already have a decent size and low body fat.

I remember I couldn’t stop uncontrollably coughing the first time. I thought I was going to die lol. Some people have major cardio issues on it. Even walking to to the top of the stairs and massively out of breath. Proceed with caution. Test only

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My advice to you is to just use testo. You will improve with this too. It's too early for that. Trenbolone for you is like driving a bugatti with full throttle without knowing how to drive.

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Why do you think it would be a good idea to run trenbolone in a first cycle?

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Yeah man, I just THOUGHT of using tren down the line…. A lot of people say the same thing. Don’t go that path and the crazy sides are no joke. I’m already hot headed and a lot of the boys here advised against it because of that. I mean it’s your body though. I would seriously advise against it brother. Test 300 split into two doses every week for 12 weeks, bro you’re gonna fuckin grow. Your diet and training dictates all that though! Get them gains brother! Get your bloods done before and after too.

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Test and Tren....not a wise idea for beginner. You can make plenty of gains on test only cycle alone. You are correct with "knowledge is power" and I highly suggest you do some research into these compounds you intend to inject into your body. Worse thing you can do is jump in the water without knowing its depth....ESPECIALLY if you cant swim. Some bloodwork prior to starting anything would also be helpful, so you are aware of where you're lipid values are currently and it will warn you of dangers at bay by getting bloodwork pre/mid/post cycle to ensure you are healthy for such endeavor. Always have everything you need on hand prior to starting, AI and PCT meds, everything. Again...research...good luck.

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Thank you! I appreciate the info and it looks like I’m gonna stay away from the tren for a while, getting all my labs done soon and then going to see if I can just do test first for a beginner cycle.

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Everyone will bash you for doing tren for your first cycle, and not knowing how to dose properly. That out of the way if your doing 100 mg a week and running acetate, you will be pinning every other day. So do the math if you are using a slin pin that goes to 100, you would do 25 units every other day. bada bing bada boom.

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