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+ 1 NPP protocol


Okay I get a lot of mixed responses regarding NPP protocol so please put your input here. Is it best to run Npp at every day 50-75 mg or every other day at 100mg. Let me know. Also what mg should test be around? Thanks

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Every day for sure - more stable hormone levels and thus less side effects.

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Am i the only one that likes to pin EVERYDAY even if theres nothing in the barrel

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I do too Bud - It feels weird if I don't!! I become like a slobbering junkie if I don't get my fix Lol

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You’re not pinning empty barrels are you….

Wait, is that your secret!?

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Haha. 3ml of air better then synthrol. But to be honest never tried synthrol

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Test/npp ratio is a topic that will never have a one size fits all answer.

I run 350 per week and pin it eod. I also pin my tren E eod because I need my tren to be stable as Fuuuuck or it’s highly noticeable to me. Most people play around with it and find what works best for them.
Start conservative.

My test is usually 500 for 350 npp. I’ll bump it up if the npp dose is higher. I also use proviron and masteron on any nandrolone.

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It depends on how keen you are on injecting yourself ED - With it being Phenylprop you can get away with EOD which sounds like you would prefer to do. So if I were running 350mg NPP per week I would put it with 500 to 600mg Test per week. If you are pinning EOD then stick it with Enanth rather than Prop.

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Yea I am keeping my test at 500. Thanks man appreciate that.

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I have been running this at E.D shots and have great results. But Its really personal preference. You wanna pin every day go for it if not you can easily get away with M-W-F pins. But I am also fairly new. I am confused as to why some of the OGs have not even came to the thread. Maybe soon. But yea If you dont mind pinning every day Keep it at 50mg a day if not run 100mg mwf

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