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+ 1 MDHT/Mestanolone/STS-646 compared to Proviron/Mesterolone compared to Masteron


In their halcyon mid-60s to mid-80s period, the East German sprinters would stack oral turinabol and MDHT with great success. The t-bol was at doses bodybuilders would find laughable, but it was just what herr doktor ordered for sprinters. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mestanolone

Whilst doing my own competitive explosive sport a few years ago, I got my hands on MDHT. In fact, I used it alone for two weeks before beginning another oral alongside it. And I was very happy to see immediate results - lifetime bests within that first two week period. I believe the idea is that the androgens supercharge the central nervous system. I was also very pleased with the mood-enhancing benefits.

Well, the well ran dry vis a vis reputable sources: no one I trust sells the stuff anymore. But everyone sells Proviron and Masteron-P.
I'm not a smart man, but plenty of you guys are. Is there any reason to favor MDHT/Mestanolone over Proviron or Mast-P when it comes strictly to immediate performance-enhancing benefits? Or was the DDR preference for MDHT simply a case of it being what they had at hand?

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Neither is immediate performance enhansing nor enhansing. Sounds like cramps imo.

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I've gotten awful cramps from Winny and Var while using them on short cycles. I never did from MDHT.

I'm now also thinking of Halo as a pre-meet aid, though I understand halo to be a little rough. Probably overkill.

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Halo....so you wanna compete fully aggro? Winny var...hella cramps.

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Yea Halo is one of the most toxic orals so yea overkill. It definitely will fire up the central nervous system. Seen it long ago. Again as far as masteron, not developed to increase athletic performance. And Winny was used by Big Ben Johnson before 88 Olympics but he quite using it according to his coach because of stiff joints and pulling muscles more easily..9.79

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Thanks DaPump, DeeMan, and Makwa.

I think I'm leaning more towards using the Mast-Prop as the competition day substance. This will be after my cycle, rather than during it: I do not perform very well when I'm on cycle at all, and it seems like my sweet spot is in the two or three months after the end of the cycle. With the Prop, I'll probably just do a nice dose on the morning of a few competitions, rather than every weekend/competition.

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So without saying too much are you a sprinter or involved in sports running alot? If so I don't know how much mast p will help with CNS activation.. Of course it will free up more testosterone which is a good thing when it comes to athletic performance

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Yes, I sprint - very low level, my results don't count for anything, but I want to see what I'm capable of.

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If you have Masteron, no need to use STS-646 .
I used plenty when It was OTC (made by Giant Nutrition, his lordship Patrick Arnold himself).
It's almost identical to Drostanolone IME, great mood uplift, noticeable higher drive in and outside the Gym, positive effect on libido, poor tissue builder(even far worse than Mast), dries you up, with liver stress as a bonus.
It was good only because legal and very cheap.

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For those that don't know M-DHT is simply methylated DHT. Being a methyl oral it was still liver toxic, however it made you more agressive, gave more concentration and strength etc

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Good write up as I'm somewhat familiar with the East German doping program back in those days. I'll say this the East Germans were way ahead of their time. M-DHT was more of a central nervous system stimulant than the others you mentioned. Those East Germans knew exactly what they had. Very hard to find M-DHT. Back in prohormone era it's prohormone was sold and worked good.

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Performance enhancing benefits from mast and provi - I have never noticed it to any appreciable degree. Mostly cosmetic drugs in my opinion. Provi does help with performance in the bedroom though.