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+ 1 High VS Low Test with Tren


Mixed thoughts/opinions everywhere.
What’re you guys’s thoughts on doing high test (~500mg+) with tren, VS low test (<300mg) with a tren cycle?
Benefits/losses on one versus the other?
Considering a tren blast here for a summer recomp/lean bulk and curious as to what others like to keep their test at while doing 300-400mg of tren

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Last year I started with 750mg of test e and 400mg of tren e. I did not look great or feel great. I dropped the test down to 250 a week and that works alot better for me. Dropping weight still, getting stronger, more vascular, and visible abs. Some people can tolerate super high doses of stuff and some work better on lower doses.

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Ive gone high...low...very high in both directions. Its all down to estro control. Tren binds stronger so excess test just floats and converts.

My opinion....dhb....

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High test for bulk and low test for cut or dry gains. Though overall I prefer Tren as a cutting compound.

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You will get a variety of responses to this one bud, some like Test double their Tren like me and Layne (Best for mass/strength/size) and others who tend not to like high test in general will run it lower than the tren, which will get you leaner. Running high test for me makes the trenbolone much easier to tolerate as you have more energy, feel more positive, less breathlessness (as long as BP is kept on top of) where as others find lower test is easier to deal with in terms of sides.

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I’m experimenting right now with these cut blends and it’s honestly been interesting. I’m finding a good balance with test, tren, mast being at 1:1:1 on my 6ius like regular and pulsing anadrol two weeks on two weeks off. Using it as a recomp for the most part just enjoying life and having a great time like everyone should. I’m a dht whore so I’m liking the high mast along with my Provi.

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Ya know its funny with Anadrol - I understand the theory behind pulsing it on and off because of its weak binding abilities. But I always got my best results from it when I just stayed on it. If I came off it at 100mg/day then over those next few weeks I would lose quite a bit of strength. I'd then spend the next 2 weeks getting back what I lost and be ready to start again - I was just continually going round and round like a dog chasing its tail lol.

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I've done my time with the RIP mixes too bud, 300mg, 150mg, 200mg variations Lol 2 problems that I always use to find was the Test prop always felt under dosed in it and I had to top that up, and often I would get BAD PIP from them and stonking lumps. Because of the inconsistency with them I just reverted back to buying them separate. I was never really a fan of masteron anyway so just had to buy the Test & Tren parts.

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Yes the pip usually gets to me on the cut mixes

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I prefer 2:1 ratio of tren with test. I also love adding mast in with it. I find keeping e2 low makes tren a lot more bearable. I know a lot of guys just run their trt dose and add tren. It’s very person dependent though so use short esters and figure out what works for you.