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GHK-CU Copper Peptide Sublingual Really Works good for the Skin and Wounds!!


I have been using 5mg twice a day with this peptide. It comes in topical cream, and IM injection, Also Under the tongue pill. It really helps clear up and keep the skin firm tight and nice and youthful looking in my opinion. There are many studies with this and it is a good supplement if you have skin issues or not. Has anyone else ever had this and what do you think about it. GHK-CU

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I take Sublingual 5mg 2x a day. I have fair skin and not the greatest. I do see small improvements and positive effects over time. It is no magic bullet but it is something to look at for skin hair and aging.

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It is in a lot of make up and so-called anti-aging creams. Never used it myself though.

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I think that cosmetic companies use compounds that are shown to have a positive effect on skin, hair, etc (collagen, hyaluronic acid, copper peptides) are used in creams, soaps & shampoos and such, but often without the version of the effective molecule or used in parameters outside of what the studies suggest is useful. It ends up muddying up the waters of reality and makes it harder to grasp the true efficacy of these things

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I’ve recently used the sun-q version and I noticed some local skin thickening, but not a ton of other effects. I know the studies are many and all offer the same general conclusion, so I’d like to try a topical or sublingual and see how that works. I haven’t seen the sublingual or the topical but if I can find some, I’ll give it a shot.

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Was on GHK-Cu & BPC-157. Added ghk-cu later, and boy it made my hair and skin so nice.
Also, the hair on my skin was denser.
Redness and acne were gone in a month.