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Shingles and Cycles


Shingles has knocked six barrells out of me, apparently I have a have a bad case of them... working on uploading picks, but picture six inches wide bee stings around your centre chest to you centre back.

THE QUESTION: How long recovery should I give my body? been on Codeine 210mg daily, amyltriptolene 50mg daily (prescrived 25). and paracetamol at 2100mg daily, being conservative. 7-days since script received.

a) how hard is this on my liver ( am taking LIV52 twice daily, two tabs regular strength}.
b) are gyno symptoms normal? I took my TRT (Nebido) last week with 350mg (DECA) for joints. I went ahead and blasted a full tab arymadex (pharmaqo) along with a full tab Phyzer Caber to some relief. I have involved NHS in all aspects, to include steroid use (did not tell them about adex or Caber for logistics reasons).

Drug Concerns: Paracetemol is above liver toxic.. taking LIV 52x2 twice daily Hisrtorically, I never take pain relieivers... usally asparing but co-codymel comes 30/300.

Amyltriptolene: gives me about 3-hours sleep at night so I end up taking 2x I have been one week, have on week remaining... can this cause a withdrawal? I have thought of 75mg, the fire pain is so deep!

Orals: was off then when it hit... restrained from all since.

This is the most pain I have ever known, and that includes shit kicking from three hill billies.

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I had a quarter size and caught it in time because that little spot was killing me. Doctor said shingles and gave me valtrex and it went away after a week. Said stress will bring it out and i was really stressed at the time.

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Shingles can hurt really bad. Took me a month to get over. I had it during my surgeries. Try using capsicum roll on. They have it at the pharmacy over the counter. It helps. I def wouldn’t work out with it. It grows along your nerve. It will floor you. And it will take much much longer to get rid of. The shingles hurt more than the surgery. I feel for you. It’s all nerve pain so it just sucks so fucking bad.

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Thank you, can I use the Capsium afterSomeon e scabbing.... my chest started today. Experiences? Someone put a 2x2 bandage on my chest the other night, when they started bursting.... lots of warnings about clogging. As you will know, this is the type of thing you ask about.... and listen... ty

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Yea you can. It’s just hot pepper extract. It really helps with the pain and itching. Did the doctor give you antiviral meds?

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Shingles is a virus brought on by (amongst other things) stress. I would rest until it has completely healed, and you've given your immune system time to recover. I would also get the shingles vaccine before doing anything that would compromise your immune system. Shingles is a herpes virus. It never goes away; it just becomes dormant.

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After seeing what you went through as soon as I am eligible for the vaccine I am getting it. My middle name is stress so I am not taking any chances

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Thanks you. On average, I never take pain relievers (anelgesics) except one 500mg asparin. with a coffee workout. I'm now hitting close to 3g daily paracetamol.

I guess I know the answer, but these blisters hit internally too.... feels like a car hit me (yes I have had it) but ......... im just going to rant:
Had to spay the cat that my son dumped off upon me
Immigration wants docs
Dirty Copper asked me to assist, did not... now prosecuted for failure to provide (breath sample)
Some cunt stole 100kg weights...called cops when i asked for them back
.... more, but stress, yup

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