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+ 1 Newbie looking for Pharma-grade HGH for Czechia


I am looking to purchase pharma-grade HGH from inside Czechia. I know there have been very strict customs reviews and concerns and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on website.

Thank you.

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This just sounds like a bad idea my friend.

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Its not worth it man, GH does not do a lot for most people, I would not risk my freedom for something super overpriced and often faked.

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There are risky guys who take risks every time and then the outcome is usually deplorable :(

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You may take our Wives - But you'll never take our Freeeeedom!!!

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Freedom in the modern world is the most priceless and that we are constantly trying to steal

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Have to contact the people who run the websites. They will give you the answer you need. Go to sources and start going through them one by one.