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Long time listener first time caller... an auto biography.


Okay to be honest I’ve never actually read anyone’s introduction so I’m not sure 100% how this is supposed to go, but even if I had I would do it my own way any way.

Okay who am I, I have had an account here for years for research purposes and even before I created the account I would come here to read anyway. Honestly I don’t remember why I made the account maybe I was bored or maybe there was something I couldn’t access without it. But as of today I made a new account(I have never typed anything or liked anything or enteracted at all on my old account) because my name on my old account could have been linked to me personally pretty easily with a bit of research.

I digress, again who am I. I have been involved in body building or the bodybuilding community or involved with bodybuilders my whole life. When my mom was pregnant with me we were at the Arnold in Ohio. The next year my parents were at the Arnold and I was at home with my great grandma with a fever in a blizzard. So then the next year I was at the Arnold again because me wrapped up in a blankie by a fireplace with a fever maybe my grandma was unfit to watch me is the conclusion my parents came to. Holy shit I hope my dad isn’t on here. Well we’ll know if I get a call in a couple hours I guess. Well any way, my mom was in the lingerie shit or whatever it was called back then and my dad was just fucking big idk what class I know he has a 4 foot trophy carved out of wood from well idk what year either to be honest he’s got a bunch of them. Okay I lied not a bunch but a handful. Any way all I know is as my mom says the last straw was me running out of the bathroom when I was 3 with a handful of pins.(not her words that I know from said research here). So I have a bit of BB in my history my dad my uncles aka my dads friends who some of also turned into my moms boyfriends okay now this is getting weird let’s fast forward.
CURRENTLY I am what I consider middle aged I have lifted “Natty” my whole life including before highschool when I was learning correct for with light bars with no weights, not going to lie I’ve taken time off here and there like when my son was born and decided sleeping for more than an hour wasn’t a thing for months. Also when said son started school post Covid lockdowns with no immune system and we were sick every other week. Any way I have lifted Natty for years like I said with time off here and there I’ve always eaten healthy not always to get big or bulk but healthy and always worked out in some form or another whether it be in gym at home lackluster gym or doing pull-ups on a tree out back of my apartment because my job sucked and I was broke.
Why am I here doing this now frankly because I want to cash in on these discounts you need rep for. J/k Imake enough money now I do what I want without hesitation I just want to take part in something that has really only been my true passion most my life. So after being Natty for so long I was mostly training for actual strength you know doing the “explosive” training with weights and not touching any kind of machine. But after some health stuff and basically being in a plateau for so long I kind of started thinking I went and got my test levels checked and was around the 200ish mark a couple years ago but wasn’t fully into the commitment and not really into pins and honestly didn’t really care to get into trt.
Again fast forward some more now well about about a year or 2 ish ago I got my levels checked again along with other health markers just being curious and they were again significantly lower so I made an appointment for trt and never actually went. So along comes well say a friend of mine not a retired bodybuilder or anyone I grew up around just some gym rat friend of mine we’ll say said why don’t you just try some low dose T(he injected it for me) and see how you feel. Well I did and I felt amazing. I haven’t slept so good in years I haven’t been so happy in years I haven’t worked this hard at work for like a decade (yes I’ve had the same career basically my whole adult life.)
Sooooo I was basically on self prescribed trt and my buddy would throw a bottle or 2 on their order for me.
Okay last time I promise fast forward again to now for real this time. Well some months ago not years. I was recommended a good trt men’s health idk whatever you want to call it clinic. I went in took all my blood work and was honest with the doctor on my pre trt numbers what I’d been doing and all that and they ran their own blood work and i have a legal prescription and am monitored for everything I need to be monitored for.
So after all this time I’m learning the whole mind to muscle and actual hypertrophy and all the fun stuff in building a physice I love. Well I’ve know for a while now just after actually having decent levels it’s actually doing some good your arms get tired beating a dead horse.
So that’s why I’m here that’s why I’m doing this intro because I see you all saying hey noob how about you go make a proper introduction for yourself before jumping in on these questions or this source so I am. I have order from several sources on here and also have questions I’ve looked up and don’t actually have or see answers that would apply to me so I’m doing this to one day be involved and maybe find answers to my questions because honestly I’ll proabaly just say fuck it and never actually ask them and I’d rather miss out then be looked down upon by a community I hold in high regards all this time. Yes I member on other forums but here has always been my fav and even if this is the only post I make it will be the most I’ve ever interacted in any of them.
Thankyou. (I’m sorry if there is typos or misspellings this was a lot to type and if I go back and proof read it I’ll probably just not post it)

So hello and Thankyou for having me and Thankyou if you took the time out of your day to read this.

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I'll be honest, I only skimmed through this but welcome

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Honestly I would have done the same if I was you. Idk I just started typing and it kept coming so I went with it. Next time I’ll just put hey been working out for 20 years trt is boring after a while need more. That’s basically what it says.

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No worries man, I get the same way. Especially right after I've had coffee, I'll come on here and write a college thesis on whatever dumb shit I've stumbled upon. Looking at your stats, you appear to be in great shape. What are you looking to accomplish? What are your concerns or reservations?

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Nothing really I just like to research, contemplate and experiment. I’m always afraid to ask questions because a lot of people have a one track mind where something they’ve read from 15 years ago is the way and only way. From what I’ve learned a lot has changed and a lot of knowledge has been learned and everyone’s body and response is not the same people are afraid or opposed to doing anything that hasn’t been set in stone for a decade whether new knowledge or healthier ways have been found or not.

I have a “cycle” I’ve been gearing up for about to try now and I assume it’s something that would never be recommended and if I put it on here everyone would think it was dumb but I’ve done something similar and it worked great for me.

Anyways I just put down a little Dbol and coffe and I’m rambling time to go workout --

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fuck it, spit it out. I do a lot of shit people don't recommend, I like to experiment with myself.
Unless it's adherently unsafe, who cares what people think, you do you boo

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Yes my main concern is health and longevity that’s why a lot of my ideas are frowned up like minimum possible to see results like my friends laughed at me when I threw like 50mg tren and npp on top of my trt and I did it like every 5 days until they saw the direct results and all tried it…