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+ 3 New "hotness meter" display on the frontpage


It checks your actions like replies, likes, dislikes, and reads for content, and converts it to "energy".
Makes it easier to figure out where the action is on eroids.

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Fixed an error where pageviews didnt add energy until now.

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this made it easy for me to browse the forum again.. cool!

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That's Dope. Thanks BFG

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Hey I Like that!!! Looks Good - Interesting to see what everyone is looking at.

The latest Topics section is much better too now it has been extended and keeps the posts on display for longer Good

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I like it but I think I will miss the Latest Forum section. Seems like the frontpage has a ton of space devoted to pics and reviews but if someone asks for advice and it doesn’t get a lot of initial attention it will get buried soon? Unless I am missing something.

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Latest Forum is merged into New Content, and shows 20 items instead of 10 so in that sense it's better, but it is pushed down on mobile.

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