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Selecting source while submitting pics, labs etc


While submitting a picture you tag the source towards the end of the page, it used to be a drop down menu populated by the letters you type as you type them. Now while trying to select the lab the menu is gone, it was super confident because some of the names are similar or the spelling is atypical.
Can we add that back in?

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Got it now

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Dropdown worked after i hit save. Edit...then it worked

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Posted some yesterday and had the drop menu

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The fuckk hmm

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Maybe you're just retarded! Lol

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Well there’s that…it’s entirely possible

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You don't see suggestions while you type?

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No not on my phone, I’ve logged in and out several times too

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Yeah new fancy one

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My iPhone only does it sometimes.
Most of the time I have to enter the entire src in

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That’s what I have to do, but I misspell it 2 times until I go back and look. Also I think capitalization is an issue