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Winter ReComp


Hello, i'll present you my future cycle.
I'll start it in december to take some lbs of mass !
i hope to cut a bit on the end with T3 and Tren A.
I'm in Blast and Cruise and it's will be my second cycle.

I've got arimidex, caber and aromasin with me.
I'll take 1.5g NAC, 5g Taurine, 5000ui Vitamin D3 all the cycle long.

WeeksSustaNPPTren AceProviron
1750mg500mg50mg ED
2750mg500mg50mg ED
3750mg500mg50mg ED
4750mg500mg50mg ED
5750mg500mg50mg ED
61000mg500mg50mg ED50mg ED
71000mg500mg50mg ED50mg ED
81000mg500mg50mg ED50mg ED
91000mg500mg50mg ED50mg ED
101000mg500mg50mg ED50mg ED
111000mg500mg50mg ED50mg ED
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Stats? age, weight, height, body fat and diet?

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2nd cycle???
Wow this is pretty insane for only your second cycle.

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tren for second is way to hell lol

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@Greg 19yrs old

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