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+ 6 Winter bulk - PEG_MGF/IGF experiment


I have become really interested in seeing if PEG-MGF can make a difference in my physique so the main focus of this cycle is going to try to increase hyperplasia by cycling the MGF and IGF throughout the cycle. I typically notice a drop off in the effects of LR3 entering the 4th wk of its use, so I am going to cycle it in 3wk blocks alternating with the PEG-MGF. Reasearch seems to suggest you need to pin 2mg/wk of the PEG so I will be doing 300mcg/d subQ in the morning to achieve this amount. I may pin 500mcg on my rest day for the week. IGF and MGF compete for the same receptors and IGF always wins out so that is why I will not be using any IGF or HGH during the weeks of MGF, since I don't want any elevated IGF production blunting the effects of the MGF.

EQ is remaining fairly low for duration of cycle since it sometimes gives me anxiety, so I am trying to avoid that. Will bump up at the end with some bold C which should be out fairly quickly if I need to bail on it. Cardarine is in the cycle mainly for hopes that it will improve my cholestorol profile since that is wrecked according to my bloodwork a week ago. First time using it so hopefully it has an impact.

Starting stats 11/28/22:
193 lbs
8.35% BF
Fat mass: 16.11 lbs
Lean Mass: 176.89

WeekTest CEQBold CDHBMentAdrolProviPEG-MGFIGF-LR3HGHCardarine
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Update on end of cycle

This cycle was kind of a disaster. Cycle and layout were fine but I just could not stay healthy during this cycle. First I got the flu, then pneumonia, then a cold, then sinus infection, then pneumonia and fluid buildup around my heart again, then diagnosed with irritable lung syndrome (basically long-covid). At one point I was on 7 different medications. Then I slipped on ice and messed up elbow and back, then I slipped on ice again and messed up Achilles tendon. Just one thing after another. Training was not consistent, obviously, to my liking. Never did get to run the PEG and see what it is all about. Next cycle I plan to give it a shot. I think the cardarine was complete bunk. Lipids got substantial worse while taking it. Nice thing was I didn't experience any anxiety from the EQ, I even had it bumped up to 600mg/wk.

I have been off for almost a Monith now so after it is all said and done I am sitting at 202 lbs 9.7% BF. Unbelievable that I actually put on 9lbs during the course of the cycle with all the mishaps and lapses in training. Little bit extra fat but not much. It was a bulk after all. Lol Glycogen loading is out of system now and weight is steady, so given the circumstances I am somewhat impressed with where I ended up. Next one will be better, fingers crossed.

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How did this end after starting over? Or did you scrap it?

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Got the flu and then came down with pneumonia. Cycle has gone off the rails a bit obviously. Going on about 2 weeks now. Going to finally go to the gym tonight and try to get this train back on track.

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Bad move going to gym. Wiped me out for 3 days thought I was ready to go but I wasn't. Basically 2 wks without gym and no pinning. Starting cycle all over again now.

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what is your conclution? will you try to repeat mgf on and off again?

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Still testing it out. Will know more at the end of this cycle.

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That is the hope anyway. May not be immediately noticeable this cycle but improve future cycles.

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Week 4 Results (Change from previous week/change from start)

Weight: 198 lbs +1.2 lbs / +5lbs
Bodyfat: 8.48% +0.19% / +0.13 %
Fat Mass: 16.79 lbs +0.47 lbs / +0.68 lbs
Lean Mass: 181.21 lbs +0.73 lbs / +4.32 lbs

Week 5 Results

Didn't get a chance to record BF measurements but my average weight for the week went up 3lbs which is pretty good. Likely from the adrol.

Week 6 Results (Change from previous week/change from start) (Change is from week 4 - 2 week period)

Weight: 202.4 lbs +4.4 lbs / +9.4 lbs
Bodyfat: 9.47% +0.99% / +1.12 %
Fat Mass: 19.16 lbs +2.37 lbs / +3.05 lbs
Lean Mass: 181.21 lbs +2.03 lbs / +6.35 lbs

BF seemed to take an abnormally high jump. If it goes much over 10% next week then I will consider doing a mini-cut to reset insulin sensitivity.

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Very well thought out and documented approach. I will be following this closely. All the best bro.

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Week 3 Results (Change from previous week/change from start)

Weight: 196.8 -0.1 lbs / +3.8 lbs
Bodyfat: 8.29% -0.35% / - 0.06 %
Fat Mass: 16.32 lbs -0.69 lbs / +0.21 lbs
Lean Mass: 180.48 lbs +0.59 lbs / +3.59 lbs

Another rough week in terms of diet and training. Pretty much just maintaining at this point. Blizzard hit and no power for 3 days. Roads impassable due to snow and fallen trees. Spent most of the week clearing snow and cutting trees out of the way. Only got to gym 2x this week. Another blizzard forecasted this week again. Tough start to this cycle.

One thing I did notice is that the cardarine seems to be taking effect. Endurance seems to be way up, both in the gym and shoveling snow Lol

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Looks like a well thought out plan bro. Hope it goes as planned and exceeds your expectations. Curious to see your updates. -1

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I intended to type +1. Apologies and excuse the sausage fingers Makwa

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Week 2 Results (Change from previous week/change from start)

Weight: 196.9 +0.3 lbs / +3.9 lbs
Bodyfat: 8.64% +0.32% / +0.29 %
Fat Mass: 17.01 lbs +0.66 lbs / +0.9 lbs
Lean Mass: 179.89 lbs -0.36 lbs / +3.0 lbs

I have to call a mulligan on this week. I broke a tooth and it was very hard to eat to get my cals in. Surprised I didn't lose a ton of weight. Tooth has a temp cap on now so hopefully things can get back on track this week.

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Week 1 Results

Weight: 196.6 +3.6lbs
Bodyfat: 8.32% -0.02%
Fat Mass: 16.35 lbs +0.24lbs
Lean Mass: 180.25 +3.36 lbs

Gained a little over 3lbs this week and bodyfat remained unchanged. Ment is doing its job putting on some quick weight and boosting strength in gym.

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can`t wait to see the results you get from peg mgf.

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Dang man, that's a pretty complex cycle you've got planned out. Why stagger the ment & anadrol like that? Also, why the increased dosing on the test, EQ and specifically the DHB? I'm really intrigued by this.

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Adrol has basically a zero binding affinity rating. It loses effectiveness real quickly. At about 2 wks is where it is all side effects and no benefits so I am pulsing it with ment in the off weeks. Increasing doses throughout cycle to help combat the effects of increased myostatin.

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Var does not need to be pulsed. Should be taken consistently, preferably 2x/d for 6-8 wks.

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Understood. Thanks man.