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I'm 6'2, 250lbs. At 232, I was at 9% body fat last year according to bodpod and dexascan both. Ive put on at least a couple pounds of muscle since then and I'm currently at 250 so Ill be pretty lean at 230. I've been on TRT for 4 years and I've found my sweet spot with 2 cycles a year and TRT the rest of the year. My objective is to lean out for summer. I'm currently at 250 and want to drop down to 230 in the next 10 weeks.

I'm eating 2500 calories a day, 200grams of protien, 90 grams of fat and 150ish grams of carbs. I'm training 3 days a week. Shoulders chest and triceps Monday, legs Wednesday and Back, Biceps Friday. I'm doing 45min of cardio 3 days and taking Sundays off.

Week/ProductTest EPrimoMast EHGHWinstrol
1360mg300mg300mg3 unt ED40mg ED
2360mg300mg300mg3 unt ED40mg ED
3360mg300mg300mg3 unt ED40mg ED
4360mg300mg300mg3 unt ED40mg ED
5360mg300mg300mg3 unt ED40mg ED
6360mg300mg300mg3 unt ED40mg ED
7360mg300mg300mg3 unt ED
13360mg300mg300mg3 unt ED
8360mg300mg300mg3 unt ED
9360mg300mg300mg3 unt ED
10360mg300mg300mg3 unt ED
11360mg300mg300mg3 unt ED
12360mg300mg300mg3 unt ED
14360mg300mg300mg3 unt ED
15360mg300mg300mg3 unt ED
16360mg300mg300mgE until ED
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Why so low protein?

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Double the primo and save the winni for the end. Primo thrives on huge amounts of protein. You should be hitting 350+g of protein. I think your cals are way to low to be starting out. Likely going to be hitting metabolic fatigue very quickly and losing any additional fat will be a real grind. I would reevaluate your TDEE and add the extra cals into protein.

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Thanks brother. I appreciate you. I didn't know about the higher protien with primo.

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