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Returning to AAS, need help


Hello Eroids,

I'm looking to do my first cycle in 10 years in the fall. I recently started TRT and have decided that I would like to push myself to make real composition changes after I have established a good routine on TRT. I run 4 to 5x/week 3-4 miles per run, and weight lift 4x/week. I have been very consistent with my training and decently consistent with my diet. I eat for longevity at about 1900-2200cal/ day and do an 18-6 intermittent fast every day (I also use Chronometer to make sure I backfill all of my micros that I'm not getting on a moderately restrictive diet). All of this being said I cannot seem to break that 20%ish body fat range. I got my blood done and my test had dropped over the last few years to about 450ng, Free at 90pg, and SHBG at 54nmol. This was a pretty big change for me as my normal total was about 780ng most of my adult life.
(my thyroid levels are normal)

As far as the cycle goes, I know that the primo is a low dose, however I'm trying to stay at the minimal effective dose and use it not only for composition changes but as a way to stave off too much aromatization. Also I know the deca may make me hold a bit of water but from what I read it helps a lot with endurance and joint lubrication which seems very helpful for as much as I run. (also built in a taper with deca that supposed to help the joints vs abruptly stopping- not sure if this is actually needed)

I would like to get as many thoughts on this as possible.

Week/ProductTest EnanthateDecaPrimobolanNolvadexAdex
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10250mg125mg200mgBloodwork Wk10Bloodwork Wk10
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Read more on nutrition. The compounds wont really help you especially if youre around 20% bf. I recommend staying with TRT and getting the bf down to around 10-12% first

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Yeah, I'm definitely gonna stay on TRT for 6 months before my first cycle back. I'm gonna try my ass off to focus on nutrition in the mean time. Not sure if I'll ever be at 10-12% though, but hey, here's to trying!

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10-12% bf isnt too tuff with the right nutrition. It all just takes time. Anything sub 10% is a real pain and feels like a drag everyday

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I personally like Deca for it's pain relief, pain relief in that i'm not exactly sure what its doing but my hip doesnt hurt nearly as much. I initially took it years ago at higher doses for bulking, but now I take it because it seems to help immensely with pain I have in my left hip. Right now I have a bottle of 500mg/ml and take just 1/4cc/week, so 125mg. I would say it takes my hip from hurting and being in pain walking up stairs down to just being an annoyance but not painful, if that makes sense. It doesnt work overnight, I was taking it for a few weeks then one day I realized my hip doesnt hurt as much.

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Do you feel like Deca is healing a former wound or is it just masking the pain or exacerbating a problem once you come off it? Real talk. I have bad intercostal pain in my left shoulder from throwing a smoke grenade a long time ago.

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I am not sure what it is actually doing so i'm not going to act like I do. I initially got the idea to use nandrolone for joint pain after reading the Deca Durabolin profile on which claims things like " More importantly, the relief effects of Deca Durabolin are not masking or false; this anabolic steroid shares nothing in common with over the counter painkillers or prescription painkillers like opiates. Such painkillers only mask the pain, whereas Deca Durabolin can actually heal the body."

So then I just plugged in "Deca Durabolin for joint pain" into the Google machine and read as much as I could. There's alot of articles which state things like "Benificial effects were observed on Arthralgia (pain in joints), and/or arthritis and minor vasculitis.".

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Yeah same, I read that stuff too. That’s where I decided that it might be right for me to incorporate it into a cycle that geared towards increasing my overall exercise (running) tolerance.

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That’s a good question, I haven’t been injured in my knees or ankles before but every time I try to increase the frequency of my running past that 4 day/week mark I start to get a little bit of knee/calf/ankle pain. It’s really a test to see if deca will allow my body the time and muscular endurance to develop a tolerance for that extra day. Similar to when you first start running, everything hurts for awhile, but the body grows tolerant to the effort. Mind I won’t be starting this for the next 6 months and the trt itself hopefully will rebound some regenerative properties that I’ve lost over the years. I’ll test going up in the frequency of running again in the next 2 months to see if my body can handle it without the deca. (Sucks about your shoulder though, I’ve had intercostal inflammation in the past and it sucks ass)

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Deca might help while you are using it but you will pay for it once you stop. That pain is your body telling you something so I would listen.

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Yeah I’ve been reading about people experiencing rebound pain from bad form etc. when coming off of deca. Not exactly something I would like to happen. I think the plan at the moment is to just focus on nutrition/continue trt to drop about 5% body fat before I try to introduce another day of running/week.

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Just losing some additional fat/weight will probably help with any pain and your running.

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That is my thinking as well. I run so often that I kind of have lingering pain in my left ankle/knee. But it's never bad enough to hinder me from running. But I eventually want to run 5-6 days a week, and I think deca may help me get my body use to it while saving my joints.

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Losing weight is all diet not a cycle. Stick with your trt for at least 6 months and see what happens. Results don’t happen overnight. IM fasting is a terrible idea. Not a fan of it. Read through my forms on dieting and you will see where you are messing up

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I’ll definitely read through your stuff,

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