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-1 Need opinions not assholes lol


Good morning gentlemen I’ve taken a few years off in order to get right to have a baby! Now that he is on the way I’m jumpin back in here’s my cycle I wanna run I’ve done both I have hcg on hand from fertility treatments lol

what’s a better route!
1. Test E 500 a week e3d Tren E 200-400 a week e3d and mast E 200-400 a week e3d 16 weeks

  1. Test prop 100 mg eod Tren ace 100 eod Mast p 100 eod . Probably will add a extra 50 mg of test prop eod to stick closer to the 2:1 ratio 16 weeks
Week/ProductTestosterone EnanthateTren e Mast e
1500mg200 mg200 mg
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I definitely don’t recommend tren. I only use it for contest prep. If you’re not getting ready for nationals or pro shows I definitely don’t recommend tren. That is one of the worst compounds. Test and gh is usually it for me.

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Opinions ARE like assholes. Everyone has one and they stink!

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I know. That used to be me...

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No. I got divorced and incarcerated multiple times. I've been dealing with a lot of personal shit and I lost touch...

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I've run Test and Tren, I've run Test, I've run Tren. The least sides was from the Tren alone, or with Test at a lower dose than the Tren. What kind of prolactin inhibitor are you going to be using caber, prami, etc.? I have no history with Masteron, though, I know it aids in a few ways according to my research and from what I've heard from bros.

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Right. He may not even need the three compounds, just one. I was simply stating that when I ran my Tren I preferred it without Test...

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Cut the Tren and Mast or Test and Mast. Get a prolactin inhibitor (Dostinex, Cabaser, etc.) if you run the Tren. Tren dick is comparable to Deca dick. With a PI however I had added sexual prowess, I didn't lack any function...Quite the opposite.

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16 weeks of short Ester would be hell for me pinning eod and using tren a for that long. Honestly 6 weeks on tren a is long enough for me I get Hella sides from Ace. Night sweats, insomnia, bad heartburn all the time. Tren e is much milder for me I'm on week 10 now of tren e and sides are much more manageable. Night sweats are not as severe, I sleep better and the heartburn can be managed with 1 famotidine tab a day. No experience with mast so can't comment on that. You'll have to play with your test dose some guys bodies like lower test high tren, some guys like even doses and some such as myself find that running roughly double test to tren is better.

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I am in simlier situation as you though worse lol. I used to have 19.5inch arms and 34inch waist at 19.5/20 years old and benching 140kg barbel for sets and 60kg dumbells (max in gym lol) did blast and cruise (basically blast blast blast =D) and was squating and deadlifting 220kg natty at 18. I quit for 10 years just starting back in the gym and was going to go back to test, tren, dbol but i think ima stick with test and get back into gym tbh body is not used to increase in hormones and my cardiovascluer system sucks.

I reccomend just doing test for few months see how things go then introduce another if you like etc. (I also got a child whilst off gear/training so i will be doing blast+cruise / trt now fuck it =D)

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19.5inch arms at 20yrs old. My man! What size are your arms now?!?

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I didn’t work out for two years and off the sauce for 3, I still waited an entire year and trained naturally for that year before I hoped on a cycle. Don’t do this to yourself. Get the ball rolling naturally and after you’ve been consistent for a year, then hit a test only cycle. You have to approach this as if you never cycled before.

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Appreciate you taking your time to give me some wisdom brother much love ----

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Believe me, it fucking sucks starting over but little by little, my strength started to come back then when I finally was able to cycle, I’m almost back to where I was. It was very humbling.

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Yep it fucking sucks being a weak noobie when you were hench af :( im starting out again also after 10 year break lol. Used to have 19.5+ inch arms and 34 inch waist when i was 19 welp. Starting gym monday been on test 900mg past week think ima drop to 600mg as been getting palpatations ig body not used to increase in test so quick will work my way up. Was going to do test tren and dbol lol dam it

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You’re on cycle without working out ?

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I started the cycle and diet like a week ago yes, so i started it 1 week before starting going back to the gym after 10 years. I am planning to stay on test anyway blast+cruise/trt ya know. I have recently past 3 days started doing 1 hour walk in morning also to build up cardiovascular system ig (will do daily). I start gym tmoz and i cant wait tbh will go in the morning get it out the way, get up at 6am and leave house by 6.30

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Why not just work out naturally until you hit your peak then do it? So you basically went on cycle with being out of shape ?

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i did some weights at home for past 5 months. gear is part of my new routine, diet + trianing + PEDS/gear and going to gym (propper gym not weights at home)i dont see point in doing it natty i have been there and done that before lol i am not interested in it i just want to get back to how i used to look as fast as possbile pref lol still going to take me a good 1-2 years to get there even on gear lol no doubt

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As long as you were doing something but I still would’ve tried to hit my peak naturally. I don’t like depending on gear to work out and be active or to be motivated. Start slow with minimal doses of test and work your way up as you hit your achievements. Good luck

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On 900mg Test whilst not training & hasn't trained in 10 years, another one ....

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I don’t know what to say anymore

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