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+ 1 My first Real Cycle


32 yrs old.
160 when started.
Week 7 weigh 180
Started at 19%bf
Currently 17%.
My goal is to hit 195lb with 15%bf

Week/ProductSustanon 250Deca 250DianabolArimidex Cabaser
1500mg300mg40mg.5mg. 25mg
2500mg300mg40mg.5mg. 25mg
3500mg300mg40mg.5mg. 25mg
4500mg300mg40mg.5mg. 25mg
5500mg300mg40mg.5mg. 25mg
6500mg300mg40mg.5mg. 25mg
7500mg300mg.5mg. 25mg
8500mg300mg.5mg. 25mg
9500mg300mg.5mg. 25mg
10500mg300mg.5mg. 25mg
11500mg300mg.5mg. 25mg
12500mg300mg.5mg. 25mg
13500mg300mg.5mg. 25mg
14500mg300mg.5mg. 25mg
15500mg300mg.5mg. 25mg
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First cycle with 2 oils and 1 oral?!?! I know this is unpopular but start by getting your lean body mass up to at least 180lbs more towards 200lbs. You dont know how to eat yet as you stated below "still figuring it out". Gain more naturally then come back and try something else for a "first cycle"

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for first time test is always enough

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If you ask me if it is good or bad, I would tell you that I prefer to cut the cycle to 10 weeks or a maximum of 12 weeks. what Deca do you have? 250mg or 300mg? Tell us about your diet and what is the PCT you have prepared to close..

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I have GP Test and DP deca 300.
My diet is 1.5 grams whey isolate per body lb
With 3 meals daily eggs + chicken/steak/tuna
Plenty of omega3 nuts etc .. im still trying to dial my diet in.. any feed back on good simple meals would help?
Also pct is Nolvadex + Arimidex + Clomid + Hcg.
I actually thought about adding hcg 2x weekly every other month while on cycle to combat atrophy?
I already have everything mentioned in cycle and for pct. Am I missing anything? Any tips? Thanks for the feedback!!

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bro remembers each body reacts differently. adding Hcg every 2 weeks seems like a good idea to me. but you always have to be aware of how your body acts. Deca is very complicated in some it can cause depreciation problems, that's why they prefer NPP. so do this cycle very carefully. Try to eat enough Deca will make you very hungry, take advantage of it, take care of your cholesterol, I recommend some pills called bergamot, they are very good and I keep thinking about the same thing, the cycle is long but as long as you keep taking care of yourself I think it will be fine, I recommend at 5 weeks to donate blood or do a blood test. How many weeks of PCT are you going to do and how?.

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@Rustyhooker now why? you do not help or let help? start the year with a good attitude bro. Explain to me the problem first, before taking karma in a such dumb way

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ok that kind of advice would be good to see them not the cold sarcasm with which you are used to. now give me back my karma. Come on man you have a lot of knowledge, share it, that's why this page is.

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