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Lean Mass Cycle (14 weeks)


Ive been training most of my life for looks and stregnth. Never really cared too much about 6 packs and cuts. I have nothing against the look but ive always been able to see my top 4 abs and now as i get older I believe ive been selling myself short and settling when i know i can get those lower 2-4 to really pop out.
im going to run a simple test propinate , NPP, and oxandrolone for the first and last 4 weeks with aromasin as needed. i also have caber on hand in case.
open to any ideads and criticism. only good vibes please.
thanks in advance.

My goal is to put on a couple lbs of lean tissue while keepimg diet clean and dial it in a bit more. After this i will cruise at 125mg of test prop per week for 7 weeks before starting my next mass cycle. which i will also log once i have it dialed in and also how this goes.

Week/ProductTestosterone Propinate 100mg/mlNandrolone Phenylpropinate 100/mlProviron 25mg tablets
1100mg. eod =400mg weekly100mg eod = 400mg weekly25mg am, 25mg pre-wo / 50mg daily
2100mg. eod= 400mg weekly100mg eod= 400mg weekly25mg am, 25mg pre-wo/50mg daily
3100mg. eod= 400mg weekly100mg.eod= 400mg weekly25mg am, 25mg pre-wo/50mg daily
4" "" "" "
5" "" "" "
6" "" "" "
7" "" "" "
8" "" "" "
9" "" " " "
10" "" "" "
11" "" "" "
12" "" "" "
13" "" "" "
14" "" "" "
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I'd run the caber for surely, not just to have it as an in case situation.

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Since you are planning a mass cycle later on, save the NPP for that. Use this cycle to cut down to a lower bf% before your mass cycle.

A low dose of test ~250mg will work to help you cut down.

If you really want to go crazy, I would recommend a longer cycle with Primo. The Primo should be dosed high and will help with mental issues. You could keep test at the same dose as use NPP < 200mg for your joints

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I rather would run test with a DHT. Never been a fan of NPP since it’s also aromatizing slightly on top of the test. Because I hate using AIs I love to stack DHT derivatives since they lower E2 simultaneously which is great !
But good luck !

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