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+ 1 "Lean Bulk" experiment - 2nd cycle


Dosage frequency (Table shows total dose):
Test-E = 2x/week - 0.6cc/pin
NPP = 4x/week - 0.9cc/pin
EQ = 2x/week - 0.8cc/pin
HCG = 2x/week 0.12cc/pin - sub-q hip fat
Proviron = 1/day
Anavar = 2/day
(Insulin syringes 27-29g, shallow IM glutes because sub-q oil depots give me PIP)

Concept behind the cycle: Min/Max the effective dosages of different "mild" substances, keep potential side effects low and balance E2 without need for AI. First half of cycle will give strength & mass while EQ builds up, then the second half with EQ fully circulating and Anavar kicker will solidify quality muscle & strength gains, potentially also cutting fat.

Physical goals: Steady lean mass gains without bloating/fat. Strength, hardness, vascularity increases - working towards that superhero/spartan look, balance between muscularity and athletic performance (I also road bike regularly). Would like to end up around 215 with ~10% bf, not trying/expecting to get much larger than that.

Previous cycle of Test-E 300 & Tbol 50 brought me from 180lb to 205lb with a bench press increase of 70lbs in 10 weeks. However, post-PCT I came to realize that a lot of that weight was water/glycogen retention and ended up at ~192.5lb by the end, I kept much of the strength gains though but came to realize I wasn't fond of "fake" water gains.

New cycle log: (Starting weight 192.5 at 13-15% bf, 6'0")
First 2 weeks -- lower doses to acquaint myself with new substances, once I figured that there were no drastic sides I increased to the intended doses.
End of Week 2 -- Noticed my joints were feeling a little more cushy at the, presumably from the NPP, but no notable strength changes at that point. Libido increasing a bit.
Week 4 -- things started to come together. Strength & smoothness of lifts was becoming apparent. Libido getting wild from Proviron, zero indication of any E2 issues.
Week 6 (current) -- the effects of everything are amplifying, endurance is going way up, 2 hour workouts are no problem and appetite post-workout is higher than usual.

Week 6 physical changes -- Shoulders, Traps, Arms, Upper chest getting much more full, shirts getting tighter. Vascularity isn't getting crazy yet but its looking better with gym pumps. Glad to see that thus far there is no increase in water retention at all, if anything my skin is drier than usual and muscle hardness/density is notable, not convinced of any fat loss yet though. Libido is currently amazing, popping boners like a teenager and orgasms more intense, having to stop myself from texting the ex. Strength & reps are already reaching previous cycle's end levels. Current weight is 198.5, so just 6lbs of clean gains at this point while holding less water, expecting weight to ramp up smoothly over the next 10 weeks.

Sides -- Experiencing zero estrogen related sides, I'm thinking that the aromatase increase from HCG is keeping me within range but will need to confirm with bloods after week 8, the idea being that HCG should be able to counter-act potential AI properties of EQ metabolites. Blood pressure was up slightly ~8 points when I went to the doc, but I just had coffee which is known to spike BP. Currently the only frustrating side effect is sleep related, getting about 4-5 hours before waking up and tossing/turning before getting in another 1-2 hours. Also worth mentioning that there's currently zero hair loss effects from the Proviron. No negative mental sides yet.

  • Not included is a long list of additional supplements I'm taking, which include NAC, P5P, Fish Oil, and others
  • No pics yet because I tend not to monitor progress that way, but I'll probably throw one up here after week 8
    *** Feel free to critique or comment on this cycle plan, open to any suggestions by the vets here ***
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Looks like my current cycle almost. Nice and slow gains without hardly any side effects. Almost a "maingain" if you will. I did notice some nipple sensitivity though (probably because my Test is 600mg per week) so I started taking 12.5mg Aromasin a couple times per week. Good luck with your cycle! To help with sleep, take a look at Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Somatomax.

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