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Intermediate Cutting Cycle


I started 2022 at 243 pounds, dealing with major depression. I began intermittent fasting (16/8) and basically lived off of ribeyes for a few months. I took one cheat day a week, but other than that, no carbs, no macros, just stuffed myself with ribeyes one a day and felt fantastic while I lost 60 pounds in less than 7 months. Other than some random bicycle riding on a local trail or beach, there was no exercise involved. As someone that has spent many years with top bodybuilders and trainers, I not only have a bit of a track record, but I also have a tremendous amount of knowledge when it comes to manipulating the human body. Point being that even though I lost a bunch of weight, I felt soft and frail. I needed to tighten up, hence the current cycle. My main goal right now is to please pick the brain of someone that has more experience than myself. Mostly just as a refresher course, but also because I don't know what I don't know and my mentors that I know irl are urging me to come out of my shell in these forums. So here I am! Lol... All kidding aside, any and all help is extremely appreciated and I will happily help others in the community, that may benefit from my experience thus far.

Side note: Will be adding pics this week! ------

Week/ProductTest CypEq Arimidex Test Prop Tren AceHCGClomid
1600mg400mg.5mg EOD250iu × 2 per wk
2600mg400mg.5mg EOD250iu × 2 per wk
3600mg400mg.5mg EOD250iu × 2 per wk
4600mg400mg.5mg EOD250iu × 2 per wk
5600mg400mg.5mg EOD250iu × 2 per wk
6600mg400mg.5mg EOD250iu × 2 per wk
7600mg400mg.5mg EOD250iu × 2 per wk
8600mg400mg.5mg EOD250iu × 2 per wk
9600mg400mg.5mg EOD250iu × 2 per wk
10600mg400mg.5mg EOD250iu × 2 per wk
11.5mg EOD150mg EOD75mg EOD250iu × 2 per wk
12.5mg EOD150mg EOD75mg EOD250iu × 2 per wk
13.5mg EOD150mg EOD75mg EOD250iu × 2 per wk
14.5mg EOD150mg EOD75mg EOD250iu × 2 per wk
15.5mg EOD150mg EOD75mg EOD250iu × 2 per wk
16.5mg EOD150mg EOD75mg EOD250iu × 2 per wk
172 days after last injection, start 500-1000iu ED for 10 days
182 days after last injection, start 500-1000iu ED for 10 days
19150mg ED
20150mg ED
21100mg ED
22100mg ED
2350mg ED
2450mg ED
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I'm really not...lol... If it came off as anything else, my bad. Definitely not trying to get off on the wrong foot and could truly use some like minded friends to talk shop with...

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My planned pct is in the cycle table. And one more thing. Yesterday, I accidentally injected 125 mg extra test cyp. Stupid mistake, I know! Is there anything I could/should do about that? I'm kinda freaking out, if ya didn't notice...lol... Thanks again man! ANY help is appreciated more than you know!!!

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Thank you bro! I'll sleep better tonight. ----------

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Hey man, thanks for taking the time to look at my post and respond. Seriously! And you're right, I'm at least 6 weeks too late. I'm a procrastinator for sure. So might as well get that out if we're gonna be friends...lol... I started the ai on day 1 because on my last cycle, my friggin nipples were leaking when I started pct. So honestly, I was just trying to avoid that from happening again. I didn't know about that killing gains or that switching the doses was even a thing. According to my dr, my natural test levels are normal for my age and my e2 is on the high side of normal.

I haven't donated blood yet, but I'm feeling great for the most part and bp is all good. I'm unable to get actual bloodwork done right now because I need the results to remain anonymous. Long story, but unless you know a way to get bloodwork that won't link back to my name, it's not an option. I did order a saliva test kit off Amazon though. It's for e2, pg and t. I'll have the results of that in ~2 weeks.

I've run tren before and had amazing results. Although I'm not competing, I live in a tropical climate, so no baggie clothing season coming anytime soon...lol...

My diet and training are pretty on point, imo. I'm strength training 5 × per week, hitting every major muscle once and doing a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio, 6 × per week. Eating clean 6 × a day, about every 2.5 hrs. 45 grams of protein with each meal and 50 grams of carbs with meals 1, 3 and 5. Been doing a cheat meal, maybe once or twice a week. Like Wednesday/Saturday, when I need it.

My questions/concerns come in because of the slight gyno last cycle and more importantly, my nipples leaking. Like they would literally shoot out a bloody, puss like substance if I squeezed them. Had to see a few dr's, get a mammogram and other tests over it. Really got no answers other than it was definitely not normal and come back if it persists. It seemed to have went away on it's own, but I'm not trying to have it repeat itself.

If feeling any sensitivity in the nipples or like a lump is starting to form, should I up the adex? I have clomid on hand, but not sure if that would help or only nolva.

I just really don't know how or when to up or lower ai doses or for how long to do so, if I'm feeling like e2 is out of wack, one way or the other.

Same with hch. If I'm feeling like the nuts are shrinking, can I just add some additional hcg? Either an additional dose or a bigger dose? I wanna be able to have another kid someday, so I drive myself crazy wondering exactly wtf I can and can't do. I really wish this stuff was just legal, so I could talk to my Dr about it without worrying about any repercussions.

If you read all of this, thanks again bro. It means a lot! I will gladly pass on anything I learn from you to others that are feeling the same as I do rn

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Sounds like you are trying to do a hybrid of a bulk and cut cycle. Not going to be very effective. You are eating around 300 g of both protein and carbs and yet adding in a cheat day. That doesn't make any sense. You already are eating plenty of carbs. If you are trying to tighten up you would be better off following a bodybuilding type routine than a strength/powerlifting one. Just roll with a test c cycle. 10 wks of EQ is not worth it and you don't know how to run a 19nor, hence the leaking nips and you don't need it anyway. KISS. Reevaluate your actual goal and set up the correct diet and training to meet it and use some test C for a little boost. Nothing else needed.

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Hey man, thanks for the feedback! As far as my diet, it's a cheat meal, not cheat day. I just replace one of my 6 daily meals, once or twice a week, with whatever I want for an 1 hour max. Then, right back to the clean eating. So I have 42 meals a week and 40-41 of them are clean. Do you still think that's a bad idea? I'm always trying to learn and get better!

Regarding the tren ace, other than .5 mg adex eod and liver support, what else would I need to do to run it correctly and avoid the leaking nipples? The leaking nipples didn't start until a few months post cycle btw. After the cycle, I was cruising for a few months, then wanted to have a kid, so I got off the test for a bit. I told my TRT Dr everything I did on cycle and followed his PCT instructions 100%, but still had the leaky nipple issue. With what I've learned since then, I feel like my estrogen must have rebounded really hard. I'm no dr or pro though. That's why I'm hear. I already bought the test prop and tren ace, so I'm gonna run it come week 11. That gives me about a month to learn more and properly prepare. ANY advice on running a nor19 would be awesome bro! Please...

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What you really need to know when dieting is your TDDE (total daily energy expenditure) Eat below that to lose weight and above to gain. Eating clean really doesn't mean much. Are you eating clean above or below your TDEE, that is going to dictate your results. 750 cals below TDEE to lose weight and 1000 cals above to build muscle. Winging it without knowing that is like pissing in the wind. You need to answer that question before anything else. AAS does not make up for an ill-prepared diet.

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Wow! Again, thank you!!! I'm gonna go through every detail of everything you suggested.

As far as the prolactin, is there anything else I can or should do to safeguard against it other than the adex while on tren? Or is that covered in the links you're pointing me to?

I REALLY am grateful for your help man. There's just a few pieces of the puzzle that I don't fully grasp and it might seem small to you, but it's connecting all the dots for me. You're a good dude!!!

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Is there anyone with experience that available for a quick Q&A session?

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