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+ 4 InfraJet post show rebound


5’7” on a good day
190 on stage. Starting weight for cycle 195.

Goals - minimize body fat accumulation during post comp rebound and clearing system of the heavier AAS now back onto TRT with a caloric maintenance. See what gains I can promote focusing on hitting back and biceps twice weekly. As well as hams and glutes twice weekly. Those are definitely my lagging areas that I will be focusing to bring up over the next year so why not get started now and see what the InfraJet can do since I’m already comp lean and insulin receptors should respond well to jumping back into maintenance calories. Looking to stay under 202lbs and keep body fat <7%

Diet - jumping back into caloric maintenance of 3000kcal/day. 300g protein 350g carbs 45g fat approximately. Calories never got lower than 2500 during prep. But the two weeks leading up to the show I was back up to almost 2900.

Cardio - fasted morning steps 8K post GH inject

InfraJet will be run on training days only. 5 day per week training split. First injection with first meal. Second pwo with some intraworkout carbs/protein. And last with my last meal.

Will update this post later with progress pics

WeekTestosterone CypionateQtropinInfraJet
1200mg2iu500mcg TID
2200mg2iu500mcg TID
3200mg2iu1mg TID
4200mg2iu1mg TID
5200mg2iu1mg TID
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Just finished up last vial of InfraJet. Full review coming soon.

A lot of variables these last two weeks led to some pretty rapid weight gains I was honestly not expecting and I don’t at all think it was InfraJet related.

Increase in Test starting Aug 1, decrease in step count as of last week (pulled hammy slipped in mud -_-) and had a brief weekend eating off plan intentionally to celebrate a birthday/family in town but been back in plan since however the weight gained over thag weekend just stuck solid and has crept up since. I imagine most of it is glycogen retention and water. I’m sure a little muscle and I can tell a little fat.

As of current stats I just did another In Body scan I’m 208.4lbs after one meal and 8% bf. Lean tissue gained in arms and trunk (back I’d hope). But it did say I dropped some lean tissue in my legs. Idk how much I believe that though because my quads are still 27” cold. Arms 18”
And the more I use the machine over time the more I see error in it. But I’d say around 8% is accurate with the mirror. Abs and serratus still look good. Holding more water and fat around love handles and glutes which is where it always goes right back to for me. But it’s time to grow so I’m not too worried about it.

Coach and I revamped my offseason plan to try a more modest long run approach. Instead of two mini bursts with a big break in between. Stay tuned. I’ll upload some more progress pics

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There's some seriously heavy ghost standing on your scale man!

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Looking ripped! Nice work

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Looking good man. That qtropin is the shit, how do you like it? I'm currently doing back and legs twice a week too.

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Thanks brother! Love the Qs. Been my go to GH for years now. I still have some insubolic I have to give a run.

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I'm looking at that igf1 too. I think I'm gonna be done today lol

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That back though....damn!

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Per the judges that was my biggest weak point so what I’ll be hitting the hardest plus arms

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Nice. Wait till you bump it up you'll love it.

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Did you work all the way up to 3mg per day Tone or did you stick with 2mg?

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Never got to 3 mg I started at 1 for a week then went up to 2. But since I got covid and back to the gym past 2 weeks I'm back to 1mg. I was trying to stretch it and I've been going hypo from the tren so I didn't push it. I'm finished the tren so I might go back up to finish what in have left

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You have managed the post show weight gain extremely well brother

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Thanks brother! Trying to keep it together but also give myself some leniency and Grace when needed. Push starts soon and I’m looking forward to it!

I know how tough it can be with hunger cues post show rebound as I’ve really struggled in the past with overeating. Thankfully figured that out. But Never understood why people let themselves get so sloppy and overweight in the offseason. If I get over 14% I just start to get really uncomfortable, lethargic, grumpy as hell, and the sleep apnea is terrible.

Slow and steady! I think 20-25lbs, absolute max 30. For offseason compared to stage weight is definitely preferable. I’ll be looking to get no heavier than right around 225 with keeping a solid body comp.

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Yeah man you have really managed it well, it's such a dangerous time as you know. I have known so many that end up in hospital from binging (even some of my clients I could not control).

And I completely agree with the statement on not letting yourself get too far off in the offseason. I am guilty of it myself but when you really are in competition mode you know basically any meal that is not on your meal plan is really setting you back because none of us in the offseason are at a body fat level where we would actually need the dirty food to help us. Balance always needed but It's a tough but important pill to swallow.

You got a great plan man I'll be tuning in.

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Update on progress now that I’m two weeks in.

Finally started getting some good workouts in last week. Had to bump food up to keep weight steady. Been averaging closer to 3500cal/day.
Fasted Weight this morning was 195.6
Been as high as 197.8 depending on the cheat meal the night before but always come back down within two days or so. Been eating more of 90/10 rule during this post show maintenance phase as a mental health break. Which has been good for me. Only a handful of nights I’d say I went overboard but my body is definitely soaking it up. Maybe gained 2lbs of fat. And I can tell that because I have a small umbilical hernia that starts to poke through when I’m around 7%

As far as the InfraJet goes been sticking to the intended 3x daily 500mcg on training days with 2 of my lowest fat, highest carb meals and then my intrashake which is just 20g protein and 40g vitargo. Pumps have been solid but can’t tell much tbh as far as body comp changes. It may be helping me stay lean considering the jump in cals but my body is also very insulin sensitive right now in a post show rebound.

Bumping it starting tomorrow to 1mg TID for the remainder. And I’ll take a few pics to throw up as well.

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I got my umbilical hernia fixed a couple of weeks ago after about 5 years of having it. It's nice not having to push it back in every once in a while. Lol

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Haha I bet! I was told because it’s so small it would be “elective surgery” and not covered by insurance so I’ve just been waiting on it since it hasn’t gotten any worse. Man I’ve had mine probably 8+ years now or something idk. How’s the recovery so far? Time to wait back to unrestricted lifting 8 weeks?

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Mine wasn't bad. But it would bother me once in a while. The doctor asked me if it bothered me and I said once in a while. He said "so it bothers you". I said yes. The doctor said it was a small hernia. I didn't need mesh. If you tell them it bothers you constantly, insurance may cover it. Recovery has been great. I was told not to lift anything over 2 pounds. Within a couple of days, I was lifting well over 2 pounds Lol A week after surgery I loaded and unloaded 500bf of hardwood. I felt no pain. I got my staples out last week and the doctor said not to lift anything over 20 pounds for the next 2 weeks. I'm obviously not a good patient. Lol I haven't felt any tingles. You know the ones where you say to yourself, "I probably shouldn't have done that". I could probably workout now, but I'm going to give it about 2 more weeks. That will be 5 weeks after surgery. I have the wrinkled skin above my belly button too.Mines not as wrinkled as yours because the fat keeps it smooth. Lol

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Thanks for the info brother! Quick healing to you!

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Thank you. It's been going really good. I take 2.25iu's of Genos a night. That may be helping.

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Looking forward to seeing the results

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Thanks brother. Thinking I’ll update every 10 days with pics/body comp assessment

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Catch that rebound brother!

The pumps post show when the food comes back... are you there yet?

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Definitely brother. Last few days after I finally started getting better sleep and a few cheat meals in workouts started coming back solid. Back to the meal plan as of yesterday though and sticking to it!