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Currently 242lbs, started my GH and juice 10 weeks ago up from 232lbs and leaner. If I had to guess I'm probably around 10-12% b.f. My goal is to add more size and rip up while using the infrajet to push me past this point and be big, hard, and get in condition to see striations. I have been struggling with eating for past month, anyone who knows me probably heard me talk about gastroparesis which I was diagnosed with nearly 2 years ago and I'm suffering from a flare up. But God willing and maybe infrajet will help with this. If I can get to 250lb and leaner I'll be very happy. I plan to use 1.5-2 mg infrajet daily split pre/post training till the 50 mg is finished. Stay tuned

Infrajet 50 provided by THEBBPOWER.COM

Gear from
Balkan test suspension and prop(vermodje and Balkan)
Vermodje EQ and tren hex

Masteron and winstrol from

GH from

I'll try to be as accurate as possible

Week/ProductTestosterone Tren hexEQMasteron WintrolGHInfrajet IGF-1
1100mg/daily75mg e.o.d.600mg/wk125mg/ e.o.d.50mg/daily5 i.u./daily1mg/daily
2100mg/daily75mg/ e.o.d.600mg/wk125mg/e.o.d.50mg/daily 5 i.u./daily 2mg/daily
3100mg/daily75mg/ e.o.d.600mg/wk125mg/ e.o.d.50mg/daily 5 i.u./daily2mg/daily
4100mg/daily75mg/ e.o.d.600mg/wk125mg/ e.o.d.50mg/daily 5 i.u./daily2mg/daily
5100mg/daily75mg/ e.o.d.600mg/wk125mg/ e.o.d.50mg/daily 5 i.u./daily2mg/daily
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Pretty sweet cycle. Don't you think that the tren will make the gastroparesis worse?

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It probably does. Years ago it didn't matter. I'm trying to figure what I can do and can't do. I have good days and bad days.

I saw you Inquiring about IGF on a s.i. page. I think this product is the way to go if your wanting to try. It's a better deal. It definitely works but takes time. I believe using this on or off one can benefit from it.

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Ya man, I inquired about both the infrajet and RS's rhIGF1, same product from two different suppliers. One is cheaper, both have a cult like following and pretty much perfect reviews. I believe they are equal in effectiveness based off that. But yeah I'm really interested because this is probably one of the only compounds I've never had before. And being that I will be on a pro stage, I'd really like to put on as much mass as possible this offseason. What can you anecdotally tell me about this compound through your own experience?

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I think it can help you. You look like a vet and have a lot of muscle. I'm at a point after training and juice for 18 years I don't do much growing anymore. These past 8 months with HGH and igf I've been able to push past a sticking point. I'm my biggest and heaviest.
I got covid halfway thru so I took a break for 2 weeks because I was out of training and didn't want to waste it (infrajet) I stayed on everything else. But the time I spent on this product I enjoyed. Back on it now to finish up and feel good. I use 1mg pre training meal/ 1 mg post training meal. I will definitely buy it again @Makwa can share some info on it and @IronMind

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That's really good to hear. I was honestly a little worried that I'd spend big money on a bunch of this stuff and get almost nothing out of it. Seems everyone is raving about how effective it is tho.

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Yes but it's not like instantaneous slabs of muscle. IGF work thru cell proliferation which divides cells into smaller baby cell which in time with training, nutrients and steroids will volumize and mature. Pushing past your genetic potential without. GH I come to love too

Also, if you meals are spot on I think it will be maximal gains. I had trouble eating because I got a flare up with my gastroparesis but if your eating no doubt you'll be growing. One this I did notice was some fat loss and strength increase in training which I didn't expect but that came fast

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I'm sold on the thought of cell proliferation, and then solidifying and maturing. I've always thought it happens to a small degree with high HGH and slin use w/ aas, but who knows. The science on it makes sense but idk. It's theorized that that's partly why tren is so effective. Multiple blood work has shown a significant increase in serum igf1, proof tren makes the liver produce more igf1. Interesting stuff

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GH definitely with the release of IGF. Funny you mention tren and I wrote a forum on this, tren has a way of partitioning nutrients similar to Insulin. I have hypo episodes every time I am using tren my blood glucose drops into 50's. When I'm not on tren this doesn't happen

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I have hypo episode on tren as well. I notice it more on ace then enanthate or hex tho.

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Crazy shit, I know what it feels like and how to handle it but the first time is scary lol

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First time I ever had it, I was running superdrol. I was a lot younger. I had no clue what was happening, but instinctively went an ate the whole refrigerator haha

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Lol yea I get thirsty and hungry as shit! Last new years eve I was in the food market and I'm sweating profusely and shaking and I'm staring at a box of cookies they looks craving the mfkrs so I grabbed a box and start eating them at the same time I go to the drinks aisle and grab a Gatorade and pound the fkr, people in the store were looking at me soaking dripping eating cookies pounding Gatorade in the fucking aisle lmao

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Hahah hilarious

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Let’s go Bigtone!!!

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You’re really gonna enjoy that cycle. Throw in pre workout carb drink with some creatine. I can’t wait to run the infrajet again. Amazing product

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Yea I always stay on the creatine pre and post. That is the best supplement with anabolics properties that you can buy in a vitamin store

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Physique is looking great! This cycle is gonna be one for the books brother ;-)

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Thanks brother

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I’ll be following along. Good pump with the pre-wo shot?

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Yea pretty good I did shoulders and 2nd set in I was filled up pretty good. I didn't eat that much either because I had a few stomach episodes this week but I had a meal replacement with about 77g carbs mostly potato and brown rice powder. I ate a little candy too about another 20g with glucose syrup and dextrose.

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Thanks for posting the log and starting picture, I can’t wait to see the results. Good luck