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I need some help with my first cycle.


I have used steroids before,about 12 years ago but not as a cycle,only tested some diananbol if im not wrong. I am currently at 20% BF for the last year or so. Nothing seems to work anymore to move down from here. I am training in a Crossfit but mostly doing olympic lifting 3 days a week with slow intensity cardio at the end 1 general crossfit workout where its usually cardio and weights as well and a day of swimming and sauna. I dont want anything injectable for now and i dont really want to get any bigger either. I am planning to do a anavar only cycle and mix it with clen.I need help with this as im not sure if it would be a good cycle or what dosage should i use. Thanks in advance.

Week/ProductAnavar Clen
140 20
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Im new here any one know how long it takes for them to send the confirmation to my email fir registration

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If you are stuck at 20% BF then your diet and training are not on point, no matter how much you may think it may be. You need to switch up training to hypertrophy based and restructure your diet. Read through my forums, everything you need to drop a significant amount of bodyfat is right there. Oral only cycles only work for women. You will come out of it in worse shape then when you went in eventually. It will be one step forward and two steps back. You will be shut down for very little in the way of gains and now during the process of rebooting your HPTA you will loose everything you may have gained and probably more

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Thanks mate. What about using clenbuterol and switching my diet as well? Mainly training Olympic lifting at the moment so i cant really change much training wise.

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Something is not right with your current diet/training. Clen won't make a difference. Figure what needs to be changed with your diet/training and you should be good with dropping bodyfat. Clen doesn't result in fat loss unless all of your ducks are in a row first.

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Trying to find out what color Ultima-clen pills are. I just got some in the other day from a source and they are white.I know what Clen is supposed to do. I tried 1... And nothing. That... is what I was looking around for. Can you help?

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And you are right,i dont know what i'm doing thats why i came here for help

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This was not the cycle that i was going to use,it was just an example to fill up the columns. I have at the same bf % for the last year,counting calories and fasting as well. No change at all, have dropped from 96 kg to 84 in a year and then i hit a plateau. Thats the reason i wanted to use some gear,as an extra push

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I am sorry but this is going to be rude but true. You do not know what you are doing and think that gear will replace hard work. Your "cycle" is idiotic and stupid to run.

Overall, you need to drop your bf % before you even think about gear. You drop bf % through proper nutrition and training. So, figure out your eating first and get to around 10% bf before debating gear.

Once you do the above, then learn more on here about cycles. You will need to inject so do not assume you can get away safely with an oral only cycle