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I’m 185 now bench 275 clean n max is 305. Main goal in bench have my six pack n do on but I want to grow. My cycles I’ve done have been. Test cyp test e test pro tren tur and winny. Diet is 3000 caps a day mainly salmon oats peanut butter steak cod. I need help making this cycle please

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Something is massively off here - to still be your height & weight, and lifting those numbers after running some of the compounds you have doesn't stack up. It's either food consumption or training style...

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Ok.. it looks like you have a set of abs bro, but gaining weight consists of 1). Eat clean and a lot, 2). Train and get rest 3). Adding in your AAS will help if the other two are in check.

If you want to grow, you might lose a little in your abs. There is no real way to gain a lot of weight and not put anything on your abs.

How about telling us what AAS you have or want to use, and maybe we can help. We are not just going to tell you what to take.

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+1... so I did not have to type the same info.

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Just went through his old forums:
Need help
Need injections
Need diet
Need training tips
Need more injections
Need more help
Need a new fucking hobby

This guy is a troll. 8 years here and he’s gained 5 pounds.

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Laughing my head off at your comment !

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I’m sorry bro I’m always upfront. If you look at the few pics I have I got stuff from the old heads. I took down the pic I was just going fast in my shit sorry again

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