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+ 1 future weight gain


I am currently at 169,756 pounds and I would like to go up to 187,393 pounds.
I will therefore use his products: testosterone propionate, NPP, proviron, arimidex and HCG.
your questions, suggestions, opinions and advice will be welcome

Week/ProductTestosterone propionate NppProviron Arimidex Hcg
3150mg 300mg 175mg 500ui
4150mg 300mg 175mg 500ui
5150mg 300mg 175mg 1mg500ui
6150mg 300mg 175mg 1mg500ui
7150mg 300mg 175mg 1mg 500ui
8150mg 300mg 175mg 1mg 500ui
9150mg 300mg 175mg 1mg 500ui
10150mg 300mg 175mg 1mg500ui
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hello, yes I was wrong in my arrangement, arimidex I would take it compared to the blood test of week 4, if ever the estrogens are too high I would do 0.5mg e2d

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I think if you add 300mg boldenone a week it will be fine.And can you tell me why you prefer npp?

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300mg of EQ for 10 Wks? I wouldn't.

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yes it's too short, it's minimum 16 weeks

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hello, ok why add boldenone?
the npp will be the first time that I use it, especially for mass gain and for its benefits on the joints and tendons.

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already 2 cycle to my credit this one will be the third

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yes I think it is useless to put too much especially in relation to my weight

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a weight gain cycle

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at first i wanted to do 500mg mg testosterone propionate, 300mg npp and 50mg anadrol, but i was advised to do otherwise.

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yes I would see, after we can always adjust or modify the cycle

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