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+ 2 First Test cycle


Stats :

Age : 25

Weight : 183 lb / 83kg

Height : 5.68 ft / 1m73

Bodybuilding experience : 8 years

BF : 15 % and going to lower my BF to 12% before starting.

Here it will be my first cycle that I plan to do.

I will take a blood test mid-cycle and adjust the dose of AI if necessary.

Material :

Luer Lock Syringes

21g needles (0.5" to 1.5") to remove

Needles from 25 g to 31 g (0.5" to 1") for injector

Alcohol swabs

I would be grateful if you have any advice or possible improvements to this. Also, don't hesitate to tell me what's good about what I wrote, please.

Thank you in advance

Edit : I dropped Anadrol and I'll keep only 500mg of test for the entire cycle. I added HCG during the entire cycle + PCT

Week/ProductTestosterone CAromasinHCGNolvadexEnclomiphene Citrate
1500mg250IU EOD
2500mg12.5mg E3.5D if needed250IU EOD
3500mg12.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD
4500mg12.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD
5500mg12.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD
6500mg12.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD
7500mg12.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD
8500mg12.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD
9500mg12.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD
10500mg12.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD
11500mg12.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD
12500mg12.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD
13500mg12.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD
14500mg12.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD
15500mg12.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD
16500mg12.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD
17500mg12.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD
18500mg12.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD
19500mg12.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD
20500mg12.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD
2112.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD
2212.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD
2312.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD10mg ED12.5mg ED
2412.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD10mg ED12.5mg ED
2512.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD10mg ED12.5mg ED
2612.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD10mg ED12.5mg ED
2712.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD10mg ED12.5mg ED
2812.5mg E3.5D250IU EOD10mg ED12.5mg ED
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500mg is plenty....if you cant grow on 500mg solo then you failed in gym and food.

Hcg during cycle is a waste of money. Desensitizes the leydig cells snd stops pct from working.

You dont need oxy, drol, var, deca...etc bs to grow on a first cycle at all.

Aromasin only if bloods prove its needed. Its suicidal if thats been researched.

Post your pct please since the advice given is novice at best

20 weeks is wacky at best. 12. 12. Simple. Or enjoy trt for life. This is why those old forums on here with real vets...they left.

Can anyone here explain aromasin e3d? Why?

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I also saw this regarding hcg but I don't want my balls to turn into raisins, some recommend taking it throughout the cycle like here: . I also saw this study on this subject: If I understood correctly, TUDCA could save the problematic effect on leydig cells. For aromasin I would do it according to the symptoms. Concerning E3.5D it is simply the classic frequency that the majority take, I may need more or less. Some people blast and cruise for years and inject several grams of products and this does not prevent a pct from working so it is not by doing 8 short weeks more than the classic 12 weeks of cycle that I will have to be on trt

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You aren't disagreeing with what jockstrap said here. Blasting and cruising is putting yourself on trt for life. Why not just do the 12 weeks the first time around and make sure you're actually willing to be doing this the rest of your life before you commit yourself?

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Where did I say I was going to do a blast and cruise? I'm going to do 20 weeks to take advantage of the fact that it's my first cycle for as long as possible. It is only at this moment that I will make my biggest gains with only test and given that I am going to order 40ml there will be some left in the vial to last 20 weeks.

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In my experience, after 10 weeks or so the gains really slow to just a tiny bit more than maintenance. I'd call it quits then, you can keep gaining for 20 weeks but not someone who is new to gear protocols and diet.
Live and learn your own way but it'll be the second half of your cycle that will be mainly wasting imo. The sooner you come off the quicker you can do another cycle.
You'd need 20 weeks to get over 20 weeks.
Squeezing in 3 short cycles a year does me great. At that you'll get in one and a bit.

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Aro has never been e3d. Theres no classic info there. Good luck

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Why is 20 weeks wacky at best ? I get that a lot of guys run 12 week cycles but I’m an advocate of slightly longer cycles.

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I only run 2 20 weeks cycles then the other 12 are maintenance phase. Get the most out and keep the test steady longer then several up and downs. I'm gonna do the Stokes program...trying to get on his level.

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I would drop the aromasin and wait until you need it if you need it at all.
As for the rest of the cycle I think it’s a great first cycle and you’ll make some good gains on it providing your diet and training / recovery is on point. As you have 8 years training behind you I imagine you’re clued up on training and diet. Your going to get people telling you that 500 and 750mg is to much for a first cycle and you don’t need the oxys but the truth is it’s a moderate dose and you’ll get good gains on it and the oxys will give you a kick start.
Its a thumbs up from me

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Yes I was also thinking of using it only if necessary. I will wait until I have signs of estrogen too high to use it. Thank you

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Honestly this. I am currently only on 300mg test. Im also properly bulking but im far leaner and at my current weight then I’ve been on any bulk. ( as it should be.) some say 300mg might be low but honestly I’m thriving off it. If you believe the effects from the product will be best just cause it’s your first time look at it like this. 300mg is my first exposure. I’ll have a new first exposure at 500 once the day I decided to ramp it up in a future cycle ect. Listen to your comments is what I’d recommend.

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This is priceless reading:

Why am I increasing the testosterone dose from 500mg to 750mg? For the simple reason that this is my first cycle, this is the time when I will be able to benefit the most from the effects of the products.

So I am guessing this is also why you are throwing Anadrol 50 into a 1st cycle - because you will respond better to it being a total beginner?!! Lol

500mg Test E per week is what you should be running as your first cycle, nothing else than that.

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Definitely. Anadrol first cycle? That is a mistake. A first cycle should be a one on one with you and testosterone. Test needs all of your attention so you can begin to master is use, seeing how it is the god off all hormones and the cornerstone of all cycles. That’s plenty to keep you busy without the addition of all the headaches (literally) that Anadrol can bring. Mystery gyno, high BP, and elevated liver enzymes to name a few. He didn’t even mention any ancillary organ support smh. Test only bro!

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Just like trenbolone, Anadrol 50 is classed as just a normal compound by these guys nowadays. 2 weeks new to the gym they are all huddled round in circles questioning why they aren't as huge as the 300lb guy stood in the squat rack - 'Its cos we ain't on Steroids bro' is probably the answer.

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Truth, definitely an advanced compound that should never be taken lightly, even by an advanced user. None of this happens overnight and none of it is magic. I have a friend right now, who is so hard headed and thinks he’s just gonna be big and compete over night basically. He has an idiot trainer that just put him on 50mg dbol for six weeks and dude is well over 20% body fat. He just sent me a picture trying to boast how big he got and all I saw was a moon faced estrogen balloon. He has no concept of the difference between lean keepable tissue and water and bloat. He refuses to take my advice and will learn the hard way I guess

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I didn't take it lightly personally and that's why I planned to use it for a limited time. However, I removed it from the cycle because I understand that it is not a good thing to add an oral like this. Thank you for the advice

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.......listening to all those radio ads on "Men's Clinic" whatever crap. "Boost this, maximize that, take it to next level" I get so pissed every time I hear one. Dash 1

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Lol there idea of “maximizing “ is taking clomid as a test booster lol

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Oh that is such a racket

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Thats a lot of AI. I wouldn't take till bloodwork or having sides. 500 is not small dose by all means. Anadrol added is not a test only cycle.You want first be test only. Do anadrol on next cycle when you already know how your body reacts to just test.

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I will only use it if I need it yes. I understand, I'll drop anadrol thank you.

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I like the idea of what you have here, but as 23Sparta states, maybe start lower and work into the 500mg zone and see the blood work is. 20 weeks is real solid also. PCT, I would keep the HGC in, otherwise you will recovering from that also. Anadrol is going to pump up your blood pressure so keep watch on that.

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@anvil @23Sparta Thanks for the advice, I'll keep it simple : 500mg test for the entire cycle. HCG isn't cheap for 20 weeks so an extra 8 weeks is even cheaper but I see what you mean, I'll reconsider that too.

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Dm on the hgc. I can point you in the right direction. It's awesome to actually help people, and in return you pass it down the line.

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@anvil @23Sparta yall fellas are the realist!!
My role models!!! Nah seriously great advice my brothers. +1for both.

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All 3 of us are on the same page...results driven. Appreciate you my guy!

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@DeeMan, Anvil yall already know what it is, just icing on the cake. A little bit goes a long way. You’re only gonna gain so much on each run, depending on where you’re at with regard to your natural limit. @arthurpr You will paint yourself into a corner if you start with high dosages. You’ll have no room to negotiate later down the road

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Amen to that brother!

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+1 Aye...we can lead a horse to water but we can't....well you know the rest of the story.

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Hopefully he hops back on here and is receptive to all of this advice

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