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10 years ago I did my first cycle, I had great results and got around 225 at 12% bf but my natural production never recovered. After two rounds of pct, my LH and FSH returned to normal but my total test levels never got above 225 and since then I've been on TRT. This log is mostly for me to update to keep track of my progress but if someone is reading this who's considering their first cycle, I highly suggest you consider that you may never recover and that can happen, even after your first cycle, and you may end up pinning for the rest of your life.

Since then, I've been training and been able to put on size with just normal cruise levels (300 - 600ng/dl), I started this two weeks ago around 260 with the goal to cut to 240 over 14-15 weeks. I track my protein/calories and fill my carbs/fats based on my cravings.

I've run deca at this dosage before without having to manage prolactin, I'll get prolactin levels checked along with estro/test in a couple weeks to see if that's still the case.

My rate of loss is 1.4-1.5 lb/week with 2462 calories and I'm eating 240g/protein a day.

So far, it's been two weeks and I've lost exactly that so I'll continue with these macros and adjust based on how my body is responding. I had a dexa scan done in fall of last year so I'll be using that to compare my progress at the end of this cut since I maintained my gains from the previous Dexa which was a bulk up to 260.

For me, the purpose of this blast is to maintain as much of the mass that I've gained while I work on dropping BF. I don't think that running a lot more test will do much more than give me more sides and things to manage but I'm open to suggestions. My training will stay the same, I do 20/25 minutes of cardio each day for heart health, and then hypertrophy focused lifting 6 days a week. I hit each body part for 12-16 sets per week within 1-3 reps of failure.

Week/ProductTestosterone EnanthateDecaExemestane
1300mg75mg12.5mg eod
2300mg75mg12.5mg eod
3300mg75mg12.5mg eod
4300mg75mg12.5mg eod
5300mg75mg12.5mg eod
6300mg75mg12.5mg eod
7300mg75mg12.5mg eod
8300mg75mg12.5mg eod
9300mg75mg12.5mg eod
10300mg75mg12.5mg eod
11300mg75mg12.5mg eod
12300mg75mg12.5mg eod
13300mg75mg12.5mg eod
14300mg75mg12.5mg eod
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Little late on this check in but yesterday I was sitting at 247, cut is holding strong, still at 2400 cals/day for 250g of protein. I'm somewhere around 9 weeks in and I think I'll keep it going until I see some more movement on the calories but so far 260 -> 247 for 9 weeks is pretty close to the rate that I wanted to lose at.

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Checked in today. Upping protein has helped in recovery. Now that I'm six weeks in, the grind of dealing with hunger all day every day is starting . Today I weighed in at 252.2 so I'm around 8.2 pounds down in six weeks which is slight behind schedule but I have little doubt that I'm losing anything but fat based on how I look in the mirror. I lowered my calories by about 90 calories per day to make sure I can maintain this progress so now my macros are around 2380 calories/day with 250g/protein. Hopefully I can go another six weeks without having to go much lower than that.

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Checked in this morning. Weight was at 253.8 so weight is relatively unchanged since last week. I'm seeing changes in the mirror and it feels like I'm recomping hard right now so I'm gonna leave the calories unchanged for one more week. I am increasing protein to 250g/day to deal with my general recovery. If I don't come in low 252 next week then I'll start dropping the calories.

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Checked in today. Weight is at 233.6, dropping the deca and adding the mast was the right move. Lifts are going up, I’m gaining crazy definition in my shoulders/traps, my sense of well being is up and I’m continuing to lose slightly above the pace I was expecting but more importantly I can see the changes in composition very clearly. It’s been four weeks today and I started at 260.4 and I’m down just shy of 7 pounds. Gonna try and hold this pace for another 10 weeks or so.

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Sounds like you are going in the right direction Good

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Checked in yesterday and I was down to 255.6. Strength is still good, definitely feel hungry all day, having to rely on caffeine to get through the time between meals. My soreness has abated some so I didn’t increase protein. I dropped the deca and added mast E at 125mg/week to free up some test starting yesterday. Interestingly, this morning I woke up at 233.6 after taking 25mg of aromasin yesterday because my left nipple was tingling so I’m assuming high estro was causing some water retention. Gonna give it a couple weeks and probably get some bloods to confirm current estro levels.

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Checked in today and weight was on average 257.3. Yesterday and the day before I was in the low 256’s so I’m keeping these macros where they are for this week. If I remain as sore as I have been this last week, I’m going to increase my protein intake after my next check in.

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I ran something similar to this. I added in NPP (are you using deca or NPP?) a bit later. I hovered around and a bit above the 100 mg/wk mark on that. I also used Anavar; I went up to 50 mg/day with that. That was my first cycle, and I was excited to try it, and Anavar also had a good risk/reward ratio in my book.

Anyway, in about 12 weeks I lost almost 14 lbs of fat while gaining just over 9 lbs of muscle. Look into bumping up the nandrolone a bit if you don't have any adverse reactions. From what I've gathered, NPP gets into and out of the body fast than Deca, so that might be a better choice next time.

I'm new to all of this, so if I'm wrong about anything I've said, please don't hesitate to correct me. Overall, your plan looks solid. I wish you the best.

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The thing that keeps me from anavar and other orals is the change in lipid profile. Your cholesterol gets so fucked up and takes forever to come back. If I was young, maybe it wouldn't matter but the older I get, the less I want to give orals a shot. I'm not stepping on stage ever so I don't need every advantage. I'm using deca not NPP but I think in the future I will give NPP a shot to figure out how I respond to nandrolone.

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Smart move regarding orals, results are very short lived anyways. Deca is great and NPP is just short estered Deca, both are Nandrolone, Deca (Nandrolone Decanoate) is "wet" version and NPP (Nandrolone PhenylPropionate)brings more of a "dry" gains/version, but still lubricates joints like Deca and adds mass, but not as "watery". Less bloat with NPP compared to Deca also. Both will raise prolactin and can cause "deca-dick", which is cured/solved by cabergoline. I love them both, Deca especially for winter and less pinning frequency, NPP for summer and results are quicker to see compared to Deca.

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Yeah, that's why I'm getting my prolactin levels checked here in a little bit. I've run deca at this dose with trt before and got bloods to check my prolactin levels and was always in the normal range but now that I'm running higher test and I had higher e2 in my last blood work, I want to make sure that doesn't cascade into prolactin issue.

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Seems like a solid reasonable plan to me, but I am not very experienced.

Small amount of Deca but doesn’t that promote water retention more? I guess if you’re not trying to get shredded it doesn’t matter. I noticed on test only no AI I gained a lot of water I was counting as muscle. Probably look at overall fat weight reduction. Say you have 40lbs of fat currently goal would be 20lbs of fat at the end regardless of actual weight which may stay the same or go up taking gear that will increase water retention.

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That is a tiny amount of deca. I would be very surprised if water retention let alone much of anything else would be noticeable. I always believed you want a minimum of 100mg a week to even provide joint relieft benefits but everyone reacts differently to different compounds. Def always better to start too low than to start too high dose wise.

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I definitely look for the smallest amount of product needed for the effect. So I would def rather not have enough and go from there deal with managing severe sides from too much gear. I think later I might run a bulk with deca so I can get some experience with it in full effect.

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