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Cycle for Summer 2023


First post about a cycle so I hope I ordered everything right in the table.

Stats: 66kg 1.69cm, diet usually in check, was on a big break for a few months and lost some mass, put on some fat. Anyways, dosing the testosterone 2 times a week, Deca once a week, Anavar daily 2 pills under the tongue.
Expecting to go up to 70 slow and steady, gaining quality muscle and losing fat too.
Telmisartan if the blood pressure ever goes too high, never had problems with it though.
Raloxifene if I feel any gynecomastia growing more than it already is (Gotta get surgery, for some random reason it came when I was clean)
Ordered DMHA and AMP Citrate for preworkout uses, will cycle between the two. I got more protection supplements in another post talking about everything else I take.
Will do bloodwork before, during and after when I can (very expensive and doctors hate doing it when you ask for it in this country)

Also:I do not react too much from anabolics, I am by no means a genetic freak that gains muscle just by looking at the test ampoule. I do not get many sides other than insane libido and some acne, but the gains were never on my side.
Will slowly tapper off the testosterone and go to trt dosage
I will post pictures when done.
Any tips, changes, questions are welcome. Thank you very much

Week/ProductTestosterone EnanthateNandrolone DecanoateAnavar SubLProtection 1Protection 2Protection 3Estrogen management
1500mg50mg10mgTUDCA 800mgNAC 3000mgTelmisartanRaloxifene
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Up the Deca to 900mg

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Not sure what you’re doing here. Testosterone is good, but your dose of Deca is what a doc would prescribe a 70 year old woman with osteoporosis, possibly lower. And why are you getting clever with the Anavar? Just swallow it. You have tonsils, adenoids, and lymph nodes in your neck that aren’t going to appreciate that when you can just eat it. Don’t reinvent the wheel little buddy.

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145 lbs at how tall?

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Thinking bout 5'6

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Sounds like you aren't eating enough. Anabolics don't do shit if your training and eating aren't on point.

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Ill keep a food log too and post it after
Maybe my expectations are just too high

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What's your caloric intake? Macros?

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That's a common problem nowadays unfortunately.

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I see this too often. " I just don't respond to anabolics". Nah bro you just don't know what' you're doing.

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Lol yeah that too

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