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+ 2 1st Content Prep Cycle *Updated


Sorry, my first post didn't publish correctly. 18 Weeks out from a local show in San Diego, and if all goes well, I will be competing in the Amateur Olympia in Florida. Gametime in October, this is the cycle I will be using to reach my best shape ever and hopefully come out with a W in the novice and overall classes. Adex will be added as needed. Also added some before pictures. Open to any ideas/feedback.

*I have also been on DBOL for the past 4 weeks, hence the last 2 weeks of DBOL before cleaning up for prep.

Week/ProductTestosterone EnanthateEQDianabolTrenMastWinstrolAnavarClen
18 Weeks Out500mg500mg50mg
14500mg500mg200mg E
13500mg500mg200mg E
12500mg500mg200mg E
11500mg500mg200mg E
10500mg500mg200mg E+100A400mg
9500mg500mg200mg E+100A400mg
8500mg500mg200mg E+100A400mg
7500mg500mg200mg E+100A400mg
6500mg500mg200mg E+100A400mg
5500mg200mg E+100A400mg
4500mg200mg E+100A400mg20mcg
3500mg200mg E+100A400mg50mg25mg40mcg
2300mg Prop200mg E+100A400mg50mg25mg40mcg
1300mg Prop200mg E+100A400mg50mg25mg40mcg
0300mg Prop200mg E400mg50mg25mg40mcg
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@Makwa and others have titles.

You dint want oils in your system last 2 weeks on short esters....4 on long esters. No hgh 3 weeks. No oils. Clen that late might strip muscle.

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Thanks for your input.

I am switching to Test Prop at 3 weeks out so the Test E will have cleared by show day. For the next show, which is 2 weeks later, do you think I should pin Test Prop after the first show?

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If that prop is making you hold water, drop it that last week.

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And the tren e...tren a...mast? @Makwa

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I actually don't run any oils that last week, which is why I always tend to use long esters. They are still going strong that last week without the need to pin anything and risk a bad pin. Pinning also causes micro trauma which will blur definition with uber low bodyfat. I just load up on heavy DHT orals last week or so to really harden up and dry out. I might slip some injectable Mtren the last two days high in my glutes where it is covered by my suit, but no pinning where it can be seen.

Good dose of mast but tren might be a little light. Really will depend on conditioning and on water depletion and carb load to bring out the best look though.

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Tren e? Mast e?

Best to look at makwas posted show preps. Get an idea of dry orals only

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I'm not a pro or anything but the one time I did winstrol and anavar at the same time my liver went to shit and my cholesterol got sky high. I personally wouldn't risk it again but your results may be diff. And with that amount of tren definitely keep caber on hand

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Competitive BB is not a healthy sport. You can pretty much expect to be knocking on deaths door at the end of prep.

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Yeah got caber otw, and thanks for your personal experience. Got bloods all in great range atm and planning on doing another bloodwork halfway through prep.

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The best advice I can give from what I see is to get your face out of the pic. I’m not saying law enforcement looks at this website, as it’s only a steroid review forum, but, yeah.

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Clen is useless imo.. is it ur first time with tren? Ur shbg will drop hard with win and var and mast .. u should consider dostinex as well. For me it’s pretty heavy this time

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Yeah it will be my first time with tren. Got caber coming. Do you think Clen is worth taking at a smaller dose or just leaving it out completely?

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Albuterol + caffeine is a much better alternative to clen.

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As an addicted coffee drinker, this pleases me.

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That cycle should work but it's pretty heavy with the orals in my opinion

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that is actually pretty tame for orals. I won't tell you want I'm all on those last two weeks. Lol

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What would you recommend as far as reducing the load on orals? Lower winstrol and/or clen?

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Actually it looks decent try it out see how your body responds to the individual orals I'd say run the winstroll a extra week before the anavar to Guage how it hits you while your deep into prep hope you do well

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That shit is straight bro just get bloods 50 dbol is good only for 2 weeks if you get bloodwork before you start and everything is in range id say keep the orals where they are at.

4 weeks of orals at the tail end get bloods half way thru cycle.

Albuterol is good from what I heard. Mak knows about it I’m just not an advocate for clen my dude.

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