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+ 4 10-12 Week Cut cycle/ depending on how I look


Height: 6’2
Weight: Start weight 244/ Current 224


Hi guys, just wanted to share my mid way results on my cut cycle. It is getting rough and I need a little boost by showing off. I have no plans of ever competing, I just did this after I took a 2 year long hiatus from anything fitness related. 1 year I was off during COVID, no work no anything. 2021 I focused on my career and making money. I was on 125mg TRT for those two years, 1 whole year basically on lock down very sedentary. I stayed somewhat active by buying a bow flex Revolution and fitting it in my small apartment. Anyway, I got out of shape.

Goal: After securing a great job, reaching my financial goals, and moving on up in my career, I decided to start 2022 by going back to a healthy weight and body fat to START CYCLING again. Lean enough to eat good and not get fat. My goal is 210 and if I don’t like the way I look, maybe 200. I don’t compete and don’t intend to, I’m getting this lean because I want to get to a point where I NEVER have to diet again LOL.

This is mid way, if I feel like I need another 6 weeks, I’ll keep going, if I feel like maybe just 4 more weeks I’ll cut it at 10 weeks. The cycle chart is what is planned to be used if I go that far.

Calories: 2000 a day
weeks 1-3 :20 mins fasted and 20 mins after workout
Weeks 3-6 : 30 mins faster and 30 mins after workout

****I don’t have anyone to take pics of me, hence no leg pic. In 2018 I had a foot fracture and was unable to train legs for 8 months (except extensions and curls). It was a hairline fracture so I did not think much about it. I did not get surgery as I was told it has a chance to heal on its own. In late 2019, about 10 months after my fracture, I tried to train legs regularly with my back squats etc, big mistake. Another popping sound and it just got worse. Then COVID hit etc etc. My legs are being re worked on and they are growing well and Lean due to muscle memory**

UPDATE process Getting harder and harder, down another 3lbs in 3 weeks. Still seeing how far I can go. Strength is still up at gym. No major changes honestly, still dropping lbs this time small amounts. I’m not competing so I don’t think I will push it much more. Currently 221.

Week/ProductTest ETren AAnavarClenT3
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Respectable progress man. I had an injury that put me out of the gym for years. I just got back into it this year. Been trying to cut up on meals, and workout more very slowly the last few months. Hope my cut cycle can go this well!

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I see it !! Good job man keep striving forward
Keep us posted
I cant help ive never ran clen before

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good job bro. keep it that way.