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I typically don't like using UGL - Try to stick to pharma only after some bad experiences in the past. I have seen good reviews on noexcuses but just wanted to make sure I was getting what I paid for!
I was happy with the results.

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That Test E was the reason I went with 87, glad I decided to order

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Big thank you, you've done the community a great service by doing this !

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+1 thanks for testing. Everything looks good. Tren slightly low but not bad

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Every batch will not be the same but we try and keep everything in a 10% range. Test E and Sustanon usually end up being strong. Orals are almost always on point.

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Your testing has always been good, bloods and HPLC. No one has ever said 1 bad thing about your gear. 80mg/ml is a good test in my eyes. Especially since you keep your prices low there shouldn't be any complaints. Your a great src

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It's still important to keep things accurate. You want to be able to trust what the label says.

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Yeaa buddyy....that makes a big difference

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That's why your no.1

Hard to control every batch of raws this is understandable

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No problem!

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I was happy with everything, surprised the tren was a little low. Had night sweats bad at 3/4 CC EOD.

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Thanks for posting

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Not a problem

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Love seeing members run random tests on the popular UGL’s. Much more reliable than tests sent from the lab themselves. Stuff looks good glad to see it.

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Thanks for testing. Nice to see tests that weren't sent in by the lab.

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Everything looks perfect besides the tren a. Thanks for the tests. It's always nice to see someone else test the products besides the source.

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All great, tren is a little low at 79, but perfect way for a source to relook and adjust their numbers if needed!

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Not surprised. +

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