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Ok, I have done a lot of research and thinking about trying this for my third bulk cycle. I'm 6'2" around 200 at about 14% body fat. I'm trying to get to 225. I gained 15 pounds on my fist cycle pinning test E 400 2x a week for 10 weeks. I am just now fixing to start my second Cycle pinning .5cc of Sustanon 350 every other day for 13 weeks. Just trying to plan my next cycle out. I know that Arimidex won't help at all with the Anadrol so should I take Nolvadex for the first 4 weeks of my cycle? Is that enough gear or should I stack something with the test? Planning hcg, Clomid, and Nolvadex for a PCT. Like I said I have done a lot of research but there is so much information on here it's crazy and a lot of conflicting opinions. Any feed back from the more experienced guys is greatly appreciated!

Week/ProductTest EAnadrolArimidex
1600mg50mg ed
2600mg50mg ed
3600mg50mg ed
4600mg50mg ed.5mg eod
5600mg.5mg eod
6600mg.5mg eod
7600mg.5mg eod
8600mg.5mg eod
9600mg.5mg eod
10600mg.5mg eod
11600mg.5mg eod
12600mg.5mg eod
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That's what I'll do then. It's just hard as a beginner I feel like I'm missing out on gains by reading all these great bulk cycles on here. But hey I'm here to learn and I'm going to listen to the guys that got the experience. I'll do two more cycles of straight test and see where I'm at at after that. Thanks for the advice fellas!!

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Thanks JFit for the input!! And Makwa to be honest I have just already ordered it and received the sust 350 and don't want to waste it.. I definitely am going to go back to test E after this cycle though because of your advice. Pretty much everything I have researched has had your name on it on here, so I really appreciate your input. Pinning doesn't bother me much and I know I can handle it. Do you think it's to soon to stack anything on my next cycle?

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Like JFit said, keep riding those test cycles for as long as you can. No need to start stacking yet if you're seeing gains like that. It is not going to make things better, only greater chance for sides which can actually sabotage an otherwise good cycle.

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I really don't see the point of running sust. You are not going to gain any more muscle from it. Just going to be more of a hassle pinning EOD vs 2x/wk. 15lbs on previous cycle, I would just be doing the exact same thing. If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it.

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Keep running Test only cycles for as long as you are seeing gains from it. There are PCT protocols on here that you can search for easily. Also Anadrol pulsing by Makwa would be good to look at.

I would not recommend Anadrol in addition to high Test but if you want to try it then you can. If you really want to bulk up then I would recommend adding Deca or NPP to Test and not use Anadrol.

With NPP or Deca, make sure you have Caber on hand and control your e2. The ratio of Test to Deca is up to you but it seems popular to do a 2:1 ratio

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