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+ 4 R.I.P Dave Draper


Bodybuilder Dave Draper has sadly died .

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Terrible year

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Very Sad, Just watched him in Dont make waves 1967 with Sharon Tate. They make a fantastic couple.

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how many legends have left this world (

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His wife is auctioning off some of his Magazine covers with Autographs:

Okay, this is going to look mercenary, but since some of you will be disappointed if you don't get a chance to take a look, I thought I should let you know I'm putting some Draper stuff on eBay.

Over the years, I collected all of the magazines with Dave on the cover, mostly buying off of eBay about 20 years ago. Last summer, Dave signed them and gave some to his grandkids. A few weeks ago, I started listing them on eBay, and of course, last week Dave died. I decided to keep going with the listings since I'd already started... so here we are.

I'll add another one or two per day until I run out. Here's the eBay storefront:



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The Blonde Bomber ! After watching Arnold’s Movie & reading all his books, I read quite a bit about Dave and he is one of my Favorites! Definitely had mad respect for him . -- Rip


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I am on his email list and use to get regular emails from him - this was the sad email I got from his wife:

“Put the filter of time on a moment, a day or an era; add slow motion, plus your favorite sounds, apply shades of black and white with brilliant color, and it’s all legendary, pulsing and dramatic. Nostalgia is more precious than the present, more real, friendlier and informative. Today will be more important tomorrow...next year.” ~ Dave Draper

Hi, friends,

You've probably already heard the news that Dave died yesterday. I apologize for not getting the message to you before you heard it on social media. After a 40-year battle with congestive heart failure, Dave slipped away at 3:20 a.m. 11/30/2021.

I was with him when he died. It was peaceful; he wasn't in pain or struggling.

I'm sure he'd sign off with something clever and motivational to remind you to hit the gym tomorrow. I mean, in case you needed a reminder.

And then he'd add Godspeed.


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Here's another email I just got through from Laree Draper:

Folks, thanks so much for the generous and heart-felt messages after my note last week. I appreciate them very much and will read them all soon. We're closing in on 1,000 emails now, so I think I'll bow out of personal responses this time... even though personal responses are very much "my thing."

Thank you again for your great friendship to both Dave and me over the years. Dave did not and I do not take that lightly.


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RIP indeed. One of the real old school bodybuilders.