Test Propionate by Beligas

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Effectiveness 50 1 Credibility 80 1 Side Effects / Pip 100 1 Overall 70 1
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Product Effectiveness
Average: 5 (1 vote)

A day after the first pin my libido spiked up and for that first week and a half but then into the second week my libido crashed to nothing. Very strange to me. Im running both Cyp and Prop together pinning EOD. I'm about 4 weeks in and seeing result but the massive fluctuations in libido are really weird to me. Makes me think the Prop might be TNE? I've never used TNE so I dont know what exactly it feels like but that was my first thought.

Product Credibility
Average: 8 (1 vote)

Very clean, smooth to pin. Im definitely seeing results.

Side effects and PIP
Average: 10 (1 vote)

No pip for the prop or cyp. Minimal side effects like oily skin. I usually have minimal side effects anyway.

Final Verdict
Average: 7 (1 vote)

I love the presentation of Beligas products. It looks very professional. Vials were clean. Definitely not Ethyl Oleate. I have to say though, I dont know if its under dosed or if its not acutally the Propionate ester, but this, as well as the Cypionate, elicits strange behavior.

Additional comments

As I said, I feel like the Prop ester is not actually prop but perhaps its TNE. I thought maybe running nolva during might have lowered my E too much so I stopped taking it and nothing changed. That is; I get a spike in libido within the first 24 hrs of pin and then it goes away to literally nothing. No libido what so ever. Until my next pin.

I recommend this product!
  • ProFoTo » You would know if you have TNE because it stinks up the room from the carrier oil. I used to run TNE all the time back in the day and every bottle I've had regardless of brand has a strong pungent odor. My wife calls it the steroid smell --------
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